Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday

Sorry blog world, I have neglected you this weekend.  I have been a little busy, or just slack.

On Saturday I took my Thirty-One stuff to a "Spring Fling" at an Elementary School in our area. Monica went to and put out her Mococreations stuff! It was from 1-5 and freezing cold! You really don't get spring fever when it's freezing cold outside. It was a LONG day. I didn't do very well, but Monica did pretty good (at least one of us did)! I was so ready to come home and see Finn. That was the longest I have ever left Finn during the day. He stayed at home and hung out with Daddy all day so I'm sure he didn't miss Mommy!

Sunday we had some really bad storms come through our area. It lasted forever, storm after storm. I watched the news for 6 hours straight. I think we are in a state of emergency. We had tornados all around us (2 in our county) and a really bad one about 5 miles from our house. There is a video that was taken along the interstate right down the road from us that is all over the news. (I tried to load it on here from YouTube but couldn't get it to work) It is so scary and at the time we didn't even realize it was bad.  We went to the basement 2 different times. They showed a time line of when the rotating clouds would be over us. They were pretty much right on target. Last night they weren't really sure of all the damage but this morning it is horrible. It is a miracle nobody was hurt looking at all the damage. At one point I actually saw clouds rotating in the field in front of our house. Tornados scare me to death! Just say a prayer for those families around us that lost everything. They returned to their homes this morning to find them completely destroyed.

Today Finn and I took a little trip to Target to get some things. On the way home I decided to stop by Arby's and we ate lunch in the car.  First I dropped a container of Ranch dressing all over my back seat. Then, Finn had a massive blow out! Ha! It was all over him! Out of the bottom and up his back. He has been a bit blocked up, so he was making up for it! It got all over my seat and he had to ride home with just a diaper on.  He thought it was the funniest thing ever! I was embarrassed for the people that saw him riding around with no clothes on. I should probably put an extra pair of clothes in the car for future emergency's!
I got Finn a baby pool today and put some balls in it. He LOVES it! He has been sitting in it all afternoon.

Here is one of the ties I ordered. I got this bowtie and 2 regular ties.  I actually like the orange one with dots the best! I ordered them from "The Belle and the Beau" on Etsy for those of you who asked! Jared doesn't like the bowtie at all but I think it's really cute! I am not really a bowtie person either, but it is so cute in person!

Wednesday we are leaving for the beach and I am sooo excited! Jared took off work Thursday and Friday so we could have an extra long weekend. It's supposed to be really warm this weekend so hopefully I can take Finn out on the beach to play!


  1. There you are bloggy friend :0)! Brrrr sounds cold at the Spring Fling! Sounds like you had a busy weekend girly! That pic of Finn in his carseat is really cute! He looks like he is really laughing at himself on that one his carseat BTW! Ooooh babies love balls! We had a ball pit for Kelcee when she was smaller and now my Mi-Mi has it so the kids can play with it when they are at her house! Kiddos loooove ball pits! His tie is super cute! I love his monogrammed shirt too! I love that polka dot tie you showed the other day too!

    Glad ya'll are o.k. and your house didn't get messed up from the storm! Tornados scare me....We had one here I can remember when I was in Jr. High and a tree fell on my neighbors house...we had to stay in the basement for a couple hours...scared me to death....

    Have fun at the beach....sounds like lots of fun....

    Summer :0)

  2. Your set-up looks great with all your 31 stuff! I just closed my party today, but I'm already looking forward to what I want to order next. I'll let you know when I decide on something! :)

    Those tornados last night were crazy! Mom and I had went to Salisbury to Harris Teeter and we saw the firetrucks set up at the old flea market when we were coming home...thank goodness no one was hurt!

    Have fun at the beach this weekend!

  3. well so glad you guys didn't have anything damaged or serious happen with all of that tornado action! My goodness. Went to the flowertown festival here and saw a thirty one set up there too! I mean finn is seriously cute in that bow tie! This reminds me that I totally need a change of clothes in my diaper bag!

  4. what a FUN weekend! and a PRECIOUS little muffin of a boy!!! :)

  5. what a busy weekend!!!! Yes georgia has dont that blow out thingy in the car before too! What can ya do?!? I try not to ever forget a change of clothes for eith of them! I left you something over at my blog!!!hope you like!!! Im so sorry for all the damage in the prayers are with your town....Have fun at the beach what part are you going to? we are going to seaside well right near seaside....

  6. What an adorable baby and love love love his name. Funny until moving to Alabama I'd never heard it. Now after living her for several years I've taught 1 and known several others. Sounds like you were super busy and deserve some down time. The baby pool is a great idea! I may just have to go get one for my GG. Did you get it at Target? What about the balls?
    Hope you have a great Easter and fun at the beach.