Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My love for food..

I love food and cooking good food. I do like to go out to eat some, but I feel like it takes me 30 minutes to clean the table and everything around it that I think they may touch{I'm a germaphobe!}. Therefore, for us it's so much easier to eat at home, and saves a lot of money! I have found so many recipes on Pinterest and could look up new recipes all day long. I usually like to see what's on sale at Foodlion, it's just the closet and most convenient grocery store to us. I really like getting meats at Harris Teeter but it's so easy to just run 2 seconds up the road to FL. I printed off these menu planner sheets from this blog and made me a book to right down for the next few weeks, so I could go get everything I will need for about 3 weeks. I like to find recipes that I have most of the ingredients for already and that would be easy and fairly cheap to make!

I pretty much use my crock pot about everyday and it makes life so much easier for me to have supper ready when Jared leaves early for school. Plus, with 2 little ones getting into everything it is super easy to throw it in the crock pot and give them my attention!

Especially with this little one getting into EVERY cabinet! I have locks on some but not all, she knows exactly which ones she can get into.

Today we are having Stroganoff with noodles and it smells so good. I can't wait for supper!

Tomorrow we are having this BBQ chicken and is the best recipe ever. It is one of our favorites and you should definitely fix this one!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday!

I wanted to post about Finn's 3 year check up for me to have. It went great, everything is perfect with him. We have had our concerns about his speech but his Dr asked him all the questions a 3 year old should know and he answered perfectly, he said we have nothing to be worried about. He is in the 90th % for his height and 80th % for his weight. 

I put Wells in her little class at church yesterday for the first time..big deal for me! They said she did great and I know she enjoyed it. I was in Finn's class helping and we had so many kids I couldn't leave to go check on her. It about killed me but the girl did come tell me she was doing great. 

Remember this desk I posted about...

I re-painted it and it's exactly what I wanted for our foyer.  It took me maybe an hour to spray the primer and then the off white color. Now I just need to find a chair that will fit under it. 

We finally got our little goat yesterday for Finn's birthday. Finn named him Boss and i'm going to try and get some pictures of him today. He was so scared yesterday we put him in the barn to get used to being at a new place. He wanted to run from us and kept running straight into the fence! Poor little guy!

Miscellany Monday @
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorite Things..

friday favorite things | finding joy

Drinking coffee that taste like a cinnamon roll for breakfast..sometimes for lunch...definitely is a favorite of mine.

Going to antique stores has become a favorite of mine..I love old things and have been looking for an old scale for awhile now..finally found one and a new{old} piece of furniture for my new hutch. The window on front is made from the old dorms at Chapel Hill. Another favorite of ours! 
Now just to figure out to do on the walls around it?? I'm thinking some sort of chunky wood shelves??

Finn always gets to pick out something for around $1 when we go out..he choose a pack of {chicken on a stick} thingys..that's the only word I could think of to describe them. 

I have clothes coming out of my ears for Wells. Mindi passes down Harper's clothes and I don't even have room in her closet for all of them..it's just crazy but clothes are a fav of mine! Wells likes them to if you can't tell...when I open her closet she makes a b-line for the shoes!


My kids..oh man they melt my heart every second of the day. They are so loving and run and hug me about a million times a day. Finn kisses me and it seems like there is nothing else in the whole world. I do want Wells to be open with going up to other people, but {secretly} when we go out and I put her down around other people..she runs to me and puts her arms around my neck and won't let go..that I love{secretly}ha! When I even THINK about sending Finn to preschool this fall I could cry..like break down and cry..I don't know how I'm going to do it..



I am really looking forward to my Valentines date with Jared and my church!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

I think this is my favorite projects I have done so far! It turned out really cute and was actually fun. I like doing little projects like this while watching TV at night, it's how I like to decompress at night!

Start with a foam wreath or any type wreath/form you have or want to use, a pack of coffee filters, hot glue, and scissors. I wanted to use the brown filters{for a more vintage look} but all I had were the white. It will take about the whole pack to make it really full and pretty.

I folded the coffee filter in fourths and cut the end off, just so that end wasn't causing the glue not to hold it in place good.

I figured out as I went, that if you stick your fingers in the middle and make a flat spot to put the hot glue on, it sticks better and quicker!
{please ignore the paint on my hands from doing other projects, what can I say i'm obsessed with doing projects!}

Then just put it on the wreath and hold it for a second until it feels like it's sticking!

Then just keep going until you get the fullness you want. Tie some baking twine around the top to hook it on something! Like an old greenhouse window I found rummaging through Jared's Granddad's old sheds. {another fav of mine}

While your feeling crafty you can make a burlap banner for Valentines Day!

This is another project I am working on. I found this old desk at my MIL's house so I am giving it a makeover. Jared needs just a little area upstairs to put his computer {so I don't have to look at it, or MOVE it around the house anymore!!}

I'm thinking he might need an MacBook to go on that desk for graduation..or Shelli needs one to keep upstairs..I may be a tad bit obsessed with Apple products too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

iPhone pictures!

I'm pretty sure this is over the weight limit for the stroller! Ha

I could seriously eat this girl up

and this one too..

until he decided to play with the beans this morning, and I found my new lipgloss and my VERY expensive bleaching tray {for my teeth!} in his beans!!! Where does he get these ideas??

My new favorite necklace, lace blazer, and boot socks {which I am obsessed with}! 

This is why I don't take pictures of myself?? I had to post this to laugh at myself..what am I doing in this picture?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge!

 I am going to participate in the February Photo-a-day challenge from Fatmumslim! I thought it would fun to keep up with a photo from each day so I can look back next year and compare.

I can't wait to start!!

I am slowly adding recipes to my Recipes tab. My computer is having problems loading my pictures to blogger for some odd reason. When I put pics on my computer in iPhoto it takes like 2 days for me to be able to pull them up on blogger? Any suggestions??

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Finn and Harper!

 Today is Finn's 3rd birthday! We had Finn and Harper's birthday party on Saturday and the kids had a blast! We had it at a cheer gym that had the big inflatable slides and other fun things for the kids.

Mindi and I had Harper and Finn on the same day if you are new to our blog! Finn was 5 weeks early and Mindi was being induced! They are pretty much like twins with different Moms!

Sawyer, Harper, Wells and Finn

Mindi, Sawyer, Chad and Harper

Finn wanted a green tractor cake and Harper wanted a princess cake, so they had their own cakes!

We brought their presents home for them to open so they could have more time playing!

Today we took Finn to the mall to ride the carousel and train! Papaw Jimmy {Jared's Dad} met us there and ate lunch with us!

Finn and Wells loved the carousel! 

I can't believe my little Finn is 3 years old today! He is such a sweet little boy and we love him dearly. He melts my heart everyday in different ways. He LOVES Sawyer and Harper to death and talks about them pretty much all day long. When we pray we always say at the end god bless and name everyone..he says "Parper and Saw saw"about 10 times! Ha! 

Just thinking back to this day 3 years ago, I am so grateful that we have Finn today and he is a healthy, smart little boy! I thank God everyday for healing Finn and allowing him to come home with us so quickly.  {Even though that week in the hospital seemed like 10 years}