Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally catching up!

We have been sooo crazy around here. Since Christmas I have been cleaning, trying to get myself organized, doing some makeovers to our house, going to doctors, PAINTING, PAINTING, and more cleaning.....ugh the list goes on! I did want to post some pictures from Christmas just so I would have them! {this little blog does some in handy when I made a book from all the pictures last year..I could pull up each month and have all the pictures organized!!}

My bearded husband..he finally shaved{thankfully}!

Wells got her first diamond necklace from Mimi, and her fist mini set of OPI nail polish from Aunt Mindi!

This girl LOVES baby dolls! She carries them around with her all day long.

Before church on Christmas Day!

Christmas at Papaw Jimmy's house.

We had such a wonderful Christmas!

As you can see in the pictures Finn fell in the shop with Jared and got a black eye! Then the night before New Year's Jared was outside hanging a swing under our deck, dropped a HUGE wrench{this thing is about 2 feet long!} on Finn's head and we spent all night in the emergency room! He got 3 staples{thankfully no concussion} in his head and hopefully we will he accident free for awhile!

Waiting to get them out in the Doctor's office! He didn't even cry and I was DREADING taking them out so bad!

I wish I could show you pictures of our house where I have re-painted and done some updates, but my little Finn has lost my camera card so I haven't taken any pictures yet! I will put them up as soon as I get a new card! 


  1. Oh my goodness... staples! What a champ. And a girls first diamond... that is so sweet.

  2. Great to see you guys had a wonderful Christmas! They are growing so much! :)