Wednesday, January 25, 2012

iPhone pictures!

I'm pretty sure this is over the weight limit for the stroller! Ha

I could seriously eat this girl up

and this one too..

until he decided to play with the beans this morning, and I found my new lipgloss and my VERY expensive bleaching tray {for my teeth!} in his beans!!! Where does he get these ideas??

My new favorite necklace, lace blazer, and boot socks {which I am obsessed with}! 

This is why I don't take pictures of myself?? I had to post this to laugh at myself..what am I doing in this picture?


  1. love the bird necklace, ive got one kinda like that i bought over the summer at the beach on a whim(sp). and yes i think u need a bigger stroller! lol

  2. I'm pretty much in love with your blazer.

  3. how cute can you all be?!!! i need boot socks, i'm convinced!

  4. Cuteee! I love the blue with the white blazer! And the sparrow necklace is so pretty :)