Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random thoughts..

My brain is so scattered here lately I think the only way to make any sense is to make a list!

1. We went to Sawyer's preschool graduation today and it was so sweet, from what my wild child would let me watch. He didn't want to sit still at all so we ended up in the back. We got there early to make sure we got a seat and that wasn't the best plan.  By the time it started, Finn was ready to walk around and be loud! I can't believe Sawyer is going to be in kindergarten! Where does the time go?

2. I really wish this nausea would go AWAY! One day I fill really good and then the next it's back to feeling sick!! I am 9 weeks!! I feel like it is going by so slow. I am already showing to which makes me worried. I have heard you show more and quicker with your second. Maybe it's because all I want to eat is junk!!

3. My grandma gave me some squash yesterday and I can't WAIT to make a squash pie today. I will tell you the recipe tomorrow if it turns out good. Squash pie is so stinkin' good. It taste a little like pumpkin pie if you're wondering.

4. Jared and I are doing a Monster event Saturday at a Harley Davidson store for his work. I am excited to spend the day with Jared, and Jason Michael Carroll is going to be there and we will get to go backstage and meet him!

5. I really really want to go to the beach! We have been so BUSY every weekend and the next 2 weekends we have things to do. I feel like my life is so crazy right now. We never get a chance to just stop and relax for a second. With Jared having school 3 nights a week, me having parties, and running around all weekend, we just really need a weekend or week to just do nothing!

6. I never vote for things like American Idol but last night I voted for Lee!! I hope he wins so bad! I just think he is the cutest thing and he seems so sweet. Crystal did do really good last night but I am just not crazy about her. I think they will both succeed and do great!

Well that wraps up my scattered pregnancy brain. Ha! I can't stop thinking about squash pie now so I am going to get busy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Design!!

As you can see I have a new design! Thanks to Blue Bird Design Studio. I also have a button that you can put on your blog now, so you will have to grab it! I think it turned out so cute!

Yesterday we went to Sawyer's preschool to see him in a special Children's Chapel. They were supposed to bring their pets! Sawyer doesn't have a pet so he took the birds nest from my Mom's house. We watched these birds hatch, grow up and then fly away. They built a nest on the flowers on my Mom's front glass door.

Here's Sawyer telling about the bird's nest!

They sang some songs for us too!

Harper and Finn checking things out! Harper loves animals so see was pointing and yelling at the animals!

I left Finn in the nursery Sunday at church! I can't believe I did but he wouldn't sit still in church. So I walked downstairs and Mindi was leaving Harper so I just left him! I don't think he even noticed I was gone. Tear... When we picked them up they were sitting at this little table eating a snack! It was so sweet! I think me and Mindi are going to start helping in their class so that will make it better!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Feeling better!

Last night I prayed real hard that God would give me a miracle and help me to not be nauseous today. God does answer your prayers and he sure did mine!  I have felt SOO much better today!! I have been cleaning all day and getting stuff done. Maybe just having a clean house helps me feel better to. I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to get back to normal anytime soon.

Now if I can just get back to cooking we would be alright! The thought of cooking still makes me want to be sick. Eating out sounds so much better, plus no mess!

I went to a little town down the road today to try and find this children's store I found online, and I made a stop at this store on the way in to ask directions. I found the CUTEST clothes at this store. I had Finn with me and I can't try on clothes with him. I can't wait to go back and get me some clothes. I need some new stuff really bad! I didn't find the children's store so I will be going back. Of course my cell was dead so I couldn't call anyone, and I couldn't find it! I called when I got home and I was right in front of it, it was just in the basement! Ha! Just my luck!

Sorry no pictures! Maybe this weekend I will get some!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 year Anniversary!

Yesterday was mine and Jared's 3 year Anniversary. We didn't get anything for each other and that is totally fine with us! Neither of us needs anything!! We did go out to eat last night while my Mom watched Finn. I actually felt like eating too! Yay!  Then we went to Wal-Mart. Ha! Romantic I know!

We have been together for 9 years. We started dating in 2001. We had our break ups, but even during the break ups we were still pretty much talking and together. We couldn't stay away from each other and I knew long before we got married that we would get married!

Every year we grow closer and closer and have a better relationship. I can't say enough how lucky I am for having such an amazing, smart, hardworking, and loving husband!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Intelligender Test Giveaway!

I have really been thining about going to buy me an Intelligender Test to take when I am 10 weeks. I just saw that there is a giveaway for one over at Jenna's Journey!! Yay!

I have seen alot of people who have tried it and it was right most of the time!
It says it is supposed to be about 90% accurate. I think it will be fun to give it a try!
 I will be happy with either but just thinking about buying cute bows and outfits for a little girl sounds so much fun!

8 Weeks!

This morning we went to the doctor for our first appointment. I thought I was 7 weeks but I measured 8 weeks! So my due date moved up the December 21st. Everything looked great and we saw a little heart beat! I just hope the nausea goes away soon! It is killing me! I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought $127 of junk food because that is all I want when I actually can eat. I just about had to pull over on the way to the doctor this morning. yuck!

I talked to my Dr. today about going early and she told me I could get progesterone shots at 20 weeks to help with preterm labor. She said she doesn't really recommended it but it's up to me. I am going to research it and see what it says, but have any of you heard about this or had the shots? She said I could go early again but the odds of the baby having any complications are very low. I feel like if it is a girl then I will be ok with not getting the shots because girls develop quicker, but if it's a boy then I don't know what to do.

Mindi, my sister, had been saying she just knew we were having twins, so we were alittle scared today to see what was going on. Every time she said that Jared would get SO mad!  When she did the ultrasound I kept seeing 2 things and I was like umm is that 1 or 2 babies. Ha! She said it's just one! It's the best feeling to see that little heart beat. 1 little heart beat!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!

I am so blessed to have such an incredible little family.
Jared let me sleep in yesterday and he got up with Finn, fed him breakfast and fixed me breakfast. He knows I love bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, so he made me one on toast. He had a card laid out for me that Finn had drawn on and got me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Then we got ready for church and we were running late, so I didn't get any pictures of us. We came home and all took a nap! We did pretty much nothing the rest of the day. I can't say enough how great Jared is to me and to Finn. 

My Mom and MIL were out of town this weekend, but I did get to see my Mom yesterday evening when she got home. I hope I can be as good of a Mom as my Mom. She would do anything in the world for me and my sister. She based her whole life around us and did nothing for herself. Now that we are older and have our own families, she is finally getting to enjoy her own life and I am so glad she is able to do that!

Being a Mom is the best feeling in the world and I love every single day I get to spend with Finn. He brings so much joy to our lives and has totally changed our perspective on life.  I want to be the best Mom I can be and teach Finn to love and respect God. The importance that we place on the things of God when they are young will have effects on our children the rest of their lives.

Tomorrow I go for my 8 week appointment, so say a little prayer for us tomorrow. I know everything will be fine but I'm just a little nervous.

 Jared starts his summer class today that is 3 nights a week for 4 weeks. I have been DREADING this class and I know he has too. Luckily it is only 4 weeks and he will have the rest of the summer off.

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day too! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up..

I am finally blogging! I have been so tired, sick on my stomach, and just not feeling well. I hope I get out of this rut here soon. All I want to do is lay around ALL day and do nothing! Yesterday just the thought the food made we want to be sick!! I wasn't sick with Finn so this is new to me. I haven't been sleeping at night either. I toss and turn for most of the night. No sleep and no food don't make a happy Shelli!

It has given me time to play with Finn and spend time with him. Yesterday I sat in the floor and played with him all day!

He has also figured out how to pull on the handles on the doors. He hasn't quite got the pull to open part down yet. Thankfully!!

We have also been letting Finn feed himself with a spoon/fork. He can pretty much do it but makes a HUGE mess! He feeds himself pick-up foods all the time and he really likes to,  so I thought I would just let him try with a spoon.

Tonight we are going to ChuckeCheese for Finn's cousin's birthday party! I have been so excited and I am not going to let this sickness stop me! I know Finn will have lots of fun and I love their pizza!!