Tuesday, May 11, 2010

8 Weeks!

This morning we went to the doctor for our first appointment. I thought I was 7 weeks but I measured 8 weeks! So my due date moved up the December 21st. Everything looked great and we saw a little heart beat! I just hope the nausea goes away soon! It is killing me! I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought $127 of junk food because that is all I want when I actually can eat. I just about had to pull over on the way to the doctor this morning. yuck!

I talked to my Dr. today about going early and she told me I could get progesterone shots at 20 weeks to help with preterm labor. She said she doesn't really recommended it but it's up to me. I am going to research it and see what it says, but have any of you heard about this or had the shots? She said I could go early again but the odds of the baby having any complications are very low. I feel like if it is a girl then I will be ok with not getting the shots because girls develop quicker, but if it's a boy then I don't know what to do.

Mindi, my sister, had been saying she just knew we were having twins, so we were alittle scared today to see what was going on. Every time she said that Jared would get SO mad!  When she did the ultrasound I kept seeing 2 things and I was like umm is that 1 or 2 babies. Ha! She said it's just one! It's the best feeling to see that little heart beat. 1 little heart beat!


  1. Congrats a happy 8 weeks friend! I am so glad everything looks great! LOL that your sis was joking with Jared about twins....that is to funny, Greg is a twin and when I was pregnant his sister would always tease him about it so I went into the ultrasound thinking I seen two babies too! That is ha-larious....

    Summer :0)

    Glad you posted today, I have missed "talking" to you!!

  2. My daughters birthday is December 21st!! its hard having a birthday around Christmas but what can you do?