Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas time is near!

I am getting so excited about Christmas coming up! I am ready to get my decorations out, play Christmas music, and put my Christmas scents in my Scentsy warmers(I just got new ones today)!! I already have most of my shopping done because I wanted to get a head start with Wells coming soon. I have been looking on Shutterfly today trying to pick out my card for this year. I saw that bloggers can get 50 free cards and I was SO excited!! Here is the link for you bloggers! Now if I could just get Finn feeling better to get a good picture we would be good to go!

I also will be making my birth announcement on there as well. Check this one out with an owl on it!! It's so cute!

 Here are 3 cards that I really like. I will be using a picture of Finn so I don't want a anything to girly. I like the ones with just one picture.


They have a bunch of special offers going on now so check that out! You can get 20% off cards and free shipping! Last year I made calendars (20% off) for the grandparents for Christmas on Shutterfly. I really like there photo books to and they are up to 30% off now! Those would make good gifts to!