Thursday, September 30, 2010

So relieved!

This week I am 27 weeks! I had to go in this week for a ultrasound because Wells had a cyst in her brain, which is gone now!! It is called a Choroid Plexus Cyst. We found out she had it during our first ultrasound at 19 weeks. I have been stressed, to say the least, for 8 weeks!! The ultrasound tech said not to worry that 1 out of 3 babies have them and they usually go away on there on. We'll of course I could not stop worrying about it! I started looking/researching online and found what it could be if it didn't go away and so on. I know that is the worst thing to do but I couldn't help myself. I have been in a major funk and just so down and out. We didn't really talk about it alot because we wanted to wait and see what happened when we went back. We are so blessed that it is gone and she is perfectly healthy!! She weighs 2 lbs and 5 ozs!  I feel like a different person and I just pray that everything goes good and we have a normal delivery. I am such a worry wort and will be worrying until she gets here. I am almost in my third trimester and I can't believe how fast is has gone by. The last 8 weeks went by really slow but I know its going to fly by now! I am now worried about going on Christmas because I want to be home with Finn! I don't want to miss this Christmas because he is going to be so excited about his presents and Santa. It's so funny because I worry about everything and Jared worries about nothing! It's just not fair.

Yesterday our friends Holli and Chad had there twin girls. Ella and Kate. Mindi and I went to see them and they are just adorable!  They are 2 little blessings and I am so happy for them! They are 2 of the sweetest people and they deserve these 2 little miracles! Say a little pray for Holli that she make a quick recovery!!  Holli gave Wells her first Lilly dress and it is soo cute. I can't wait for her to wear it!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

One last beach trip!

Mom and I decided to go on a little beach trip while Jared was out of town with work! It was to hot for this big pregnant girl! Ha! I feel so bad for Mom because she won't let me do anything, because of being pregnant, so she worked her butt off. We took a new table down and Mom moved furniture the whole time we were there. We did get a few good laughs out of the situation but I'm surprised Mom can even move!!  I don't know why we decided to take new furniture when it was just Mom and I, and I can't move anything!! We would go out on the beach in the morning and she carried everything out there, played with Finn, then carried everything back. We came back a day early because I didn't want her to have to do all that again just for 2 hours of playing! Of course, the bathing suit I took didn't cover my big belly, so I had to wear a tank top and it was just to hot for me! Finn had a really good time and was an angel the whole trip! This morning he was calling "Mimi" so I guess he misses her already!

We went to eat at Dockside in Callabash one night. We love going there and getting shrimp! They have the best fried shrimp!! We walked out where the boats are and Finn wanted to jump off the pier! He has no fear. Mom was holding on to him for dear life. This picture is so funny because she was like I will break his arm off before I let him go! He is pushing her away like please just let me go!!

We tried to take his picture on this big tree, but he will not sit still long enough for you to take his picture!

Of course we had to have our ice cream every night!

Jared is due home anytime and I am SOOO ready to see him! He went to Denver on a little business trip, and I think this is the longest we have been apart in a LONG time. We have missed him!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

25 weeks!

I am 25 weeks not 24!! I think I have lost my mind!

Fall decoration's and 24 weeks!

Today I am 24 weeks!! 

(FYI: I look horrible in this picture!)

 It seems like it is going by so slow this time, but I only have 16 weeks left (if I make it to 40 weeks). That's not that far away! Yikes! I just pray that I can be with Finn on Christmas. If she wants to come like a week early that would be great!! I go back for an ultrasound on the 27th so please just keep us in your prayers that everything is ok!

I now have all my fall things out now and I am luvin' it!  I get tired of looking at the same thing everyday, so a change in scenery is always nice!

I have been on this being crafty kick here lately so I made this rope garland for my mantle I wanted to show. I saw it in a Lowe's creative ideas book around a door and I thought it would be perfect on my mantle.

You just take a rope (from Lowe's) and get the length you need. Then you cute 1-2 ft pieces and tie on the rope and fray the ends. It turned out so cute! I wanted something rustic looking.

Here are a few other pics of my favorite fall decorations!

    I love these pumpkins on my front steps!

Here is a chalk board plate I made for the kitchen, and my cute little owl salt and pepper shakers!! This is a easy and cheap decorating idea. Just paint any plate you like and there you go!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Computer back and running!!

I have my computer back and now I can put pictures on here! Yay!!

Here are a few pics from the past few weeks!

This is what happens when Mommy takes a nap. We destroy the room!

Then we stand back and look at the damage!!

Here is another day of "Dennis" getting in trouble! Ha! He pulled this bag of chips off the counter, took them in my bedroom, and went to town!

But who could get mad at this sweet little guy!

More pictures to come!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting things done!

I have been so super busy in the last 2 weeks I haven't had time to blog at all! We have gotten so much done around here. It's a huge weight lifted off of me. We got our basement pretty much ready, Jared is finishing the carpet this weekend. Finn's room is finished for the most part. I still need to hang a few more things. Tomorrow I am going to be getting Wells' room ready! As soon as my computer gets back to normal I will post pictures all everything!

I decorated for fall today!! I needed a change and so I just decided to go ahead and get everything out! It's September now, close enough!! I am so ready for Fall!

Finn has been doing so good sleeping in his big bed. I was so nervous about the transition and he did awesome! The best decision we ever made was having him on a strict schedule. I think that's what helped the most with moving him into his bed. As soon as we brought him home we started him on a schdule. He knows when it is nap time and bed time, he has the same routine everyday. I am so proud of him! It makes me sad when I go in there and look at him in that big bed, he is growing up so fast. He has turned into this little Dennis the Menace. He is into everything, climbs everything he possibly can, and knows exactly how to get his way! I am going to have my hands FULL when this baby gets here!