Sunday, September 19, 2010

One last beach trip!

Mom and I decided to go on a little beach trip while Jared was out of town with work! It was to hot for this big pregnant girl! Ha! I feel so bad for Mom because she won't let me do anything, because of being pregnant, so she worked her butt off. We took a new table down and Mom moved furniture the whole time we were there. We did get a few good laughs out of the situation but I'm surprised Mom can even move!!  I don't know why we decided to take new furniture when it was just Mom and I, and I can't move anything!! We would go out on the beach in the morning and she carried everything out there, played with Finn, then carried everything back. We came back a day early because I didn't want her to have to do all that again just for 2 hours of playing! Of course, the bathing suit I took didn't cover my big belly, so I had to wear a tank top and it was just to hot for me! Finn had a really good time and was an angel the whole trip! This morning he was calling "Mimi" so I guess he misses her already!

We went to eat at Dockside in Callabash one night. We love going there and getting shrimp! They have the best fried shrimp!! We walked out where the boats are and Finn wanted to jump off the pier! He has no fear. Mom was holding on to him for dear life. This picture is so funny because she was like I will break his arm off before I let him go! He is pushing her away like please just let me go!!

We tried to take his picture on this big tree, but he will not sit still long enough for you to take his picture!

Of course we had to have our ice cream every night!

Jared is due home anytime and I am SOOO ready to see him! He went to Denver on a little business trip, and I think this is the longest we have been apart in a LONG time. We have missed him!!


  1. What a great trip with your mom! I am so sad summer is over. Your little man is too cute, and so is your blog!!

  2. What a fun trip with your mom!! You and your mom are so pretty and of course you know I think Finn is the cutest little dude ever!! Love his Ralph Lauren shirt it really goes with his blonde hair! Ice cream yummy...wonder if he would share with me LOL...just kidding....
    Hope your hubs comes back quick....YOu look amazing girlie....Glad you had a great beach trip

    Summer :0)

  3. We LOVE to go to Callabash to eat seafood. To be honest that is the only place I had ever ate it at the beach until this week. We were just too far south to try to drive up there to eat. I wish we would have thought to because I love to go into St. Nick Nacks too. I think that is the name of it! It is the Christmas store there! Glad you had a good trip with your mom. I do the same when Josh is out of town. Head straight to the beach with my mom!!

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower and fellow North Carolinian! Love your blog :)