Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall decoration's and 24 weeks!

Today I am 24 weeks!! 

(FYI: I look horrible in this picture!)

 It seems like it is going by so slow this time, but I only have 16 weeks left (if I make it to 40 weeks). That's not that far away! Yikes! I just pray that I can be with Finn on Christmas. If she wants to come like a week early that would be great!! I go back for an ultrasound on the 27th so please just keep us in your prayers that everything is ok!

I now have all my fall things out now and I am luvin' it!  I get tired of looking at the same thing everyday, so a change in scenery is always nice!

I have been on this being crafty kick here lately so I made this rope garland for my mantle I wanted to show. I saw it in a Lowe's creative ideas book around a door and I thought it would be perfect on my mantle.

You just take a rope (from Lowe's) and get the length you need. Then you cute 1-2 ft pieces and tie on the rope and fray the ends. It turned out so cute! I wanted something rustic looking.

Here are a few other pics of my favorite fall decorations!

    I love these pumpkins on my front steps!

Here is a chalk board plate I made for the kitchen, and my cute little owl salt and pepper shakers!! This is a easy and cheap decorating idea. Just paint any plate you like and there you go!


  1. Everything looks wonderful!! I love the idea of the plate. I may have to steal it. ;) I am looking for new things to do in my kitchen. Good luck with the ultrasound and we will be sure to say an extra prayer for all four of you. (and you look lovely)

  2. It all looks great! And so do you!! Good luck at the Dr.!

  3. Shelli,
    You look so pretty girl!! You are one of the prettiest preggo girls I have ever seen!! Um I wish I was creative as you...if I would by a rope at Lowes that is what it would look like or maybe worse hahahhah your's turned out beyond fab....love that idea...your decorations are so pretty!! I love those pumpkins on your porch! That is my fav thing is pumpkins on the porch....I went to the craft fair last weekend and Greg bought me the wooden stackable pumpkins with the grapevine around it and it lights up eeeeeeeeeeek I have been wanting it FOREVER but they are pricey....he caved this year LOL
    Good luck at your ultrasound ya know I am always saying an extra prayer for you

    love ya
    Summer :)