Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting things done!

I have been so super busy in the last 2 weeks I haven't had time to blog at all! We have gotten so much done around here. It's a huge weight lifted off of me. We got our basement pretty much ready, Jared is finishing the carpet this weekend. Finn's room is finished for the most part. I still need to hang a few more things. Tomorrow I am going to be getting Wells' room ready! As soon as my computer gets back to normal I will post pictures all everything!

I decorated for fall today!! I needed a change and so I just decided to go ahead and get everything out! It's September now, close enough!! I am so ready for Fall!

Finn has been doing so good sleeping in his big bed. I was so nervous about the transition and he did awesome! The best decision we ever made was having him on a strict schedule. I think that's what helped the most with moving him into his bed. As soon as we brought him home we started him on a schdule. He knows when it is nap time and bed time, he has the same routine everyday. I am so proud of him! It makes me sad when I go in there and look at him in that big bed, he is growing up so fast. He has turned into this little Dennis the Menace. He is into everything, climbs everything he possibly can, and knows exactly how to get his way! I am going to have my hands FULL when this baby gets here!

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  1. I am ready for fall also!! It is my fav season. I love the smell of leaves and fair food, the cool crisp air, the way the sun shines. Lol! We keep Tempe on a schedule too. Most people thought I was crazy but she has slept through the night for 13 hours in her own bed since 2 mos old and takes 2 2 hour naps so I guess something I do I right! Hope all of the reno is finished soon and I am sure Wells' room is going to be fit for the princess I am sure she is!