Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thoughts!

1. I am now 21 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! I was going to post some pictures but my computer has decided to not work, so it is trying to be repaired at the moment. I am using my nephews computer for now! I'm praying that I don't loose all my pictures on my computer. I have no backups, not smart!

2. I am so dreading next week because Jared starts classes back. BOO!! But...he is halfway done and he will have his MBA and be done with school forever! Wahoo!

3. I am so ready for Fall. Fall and Spring are my 2 favorite seasons, but changing of any season always just makes you feel so good. Plus, I am so ready for cooler weather. Finn loves being outside and it is way to hot to play outside.

4. This un-organized house is driving me crazy. Trying to get Finn and Well's rooms ready when I don't have the things I need to do so. I am waiting on Finn's furniture to get finished from the painter. The basement is coming along, but I need to move my desk and toys down there to get things organized upstairs. Stressful!!!

5. Why is it I have a list a mile long of things we need to buy. Our TV is starting to not work properly, I need a chair for Well's room, supplies for the basement, and maybe a new computer. Ugh..more stress!!

6. I really don't like having love handles. With Finn I liked wearing fitting things and now I feel like such a fatty!! I have NEVER had love handles and I am really not fond of them!! Ha! I can't wait to start running/working out again after December! I do try and walk each day, but I need to run to feel like I am getting a good workout.

7. I have very strong feelings about breastfeeding. I pray that everything goes as planned and I am able to. With Finn I produced massive amounts of milk so I think I should be fine! I just dread the pumping part! Yuck! I know I don't have to pump, but Jared likes to feed bottles to. Plus it does give me alittle break sometimes.

8. I am so ready for my next ultrasound so I can be sure everything is going ok with Wells. I get nervous in between visits. I worry to much! Please just keep us in your prayers!


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  2. dont worry about the breastfeeding.. its like riding a bike!! lol if you didnt have any problems before u will be fine this time.. my house is a hotmess too.. dontfeel bad.. we have a list a mile long of things to buy and brandon is morew concerned with leasing deer land.. uhhhh men! jennyb!

  3. Hey pretty girl,
    I totally thought I commented on this post, um but I am thinkin I didn't because I am not seeing it LOL....I am a little dingy oopsy! Ive missed you too....thanks for always sending me the sweetest notes it really does brighten my day and double thank you for putting my button up you are so sweet to me!!

    I was the same way about pumping, I totally have to tell you the funniest story of the incident when I used the big contraption breast pump fancy nancy machine my mom bought me bahahahahha it totally didn't go over well, probably would have helped if I had read the directions...but I will totally spare it on here for lack of embarrassment on my part and yours hahahha

    I bet you can't wait to get the kiddos rooms together!! I can't wait to see them I bet they are just presh!!

    No worries about your ultrasound with sweet baby Wells (I just looooooove that name BTW) all will be just fine....I will say an extra prayer though....

    Summer ;0)