Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fancy Shamancy Giveaway!

I have totally become obsessed with looking at Etsy for cute girl things since I found out I'm having a girl! I think I'm going to be in TROUBLE!! I was reading all my typical blogs today and saw one of my favorites Webbisodes is doing a giveaway on the cutest stuff from an Etsy site called Fancy Shamancy!

When I saw this cute shirt I thought I could get one for my little girl to wear for Finn's Bday!! Hopefully I will win!!

Go on over to Webbisodes and join in on the fun!!


  1. How super cute....I hope you win that onsie....told ya you are gonna be in trouble shoppin' for a girl LOL

    Summer :0)

  2. Thanks girl! Fingers crossed that you win! And yes, get out your credit cards...girls are so fun to shop with/for!