Friday, August 6, 2010

Bow holder project!

I found these really cute bow holders on Etsy and I was attempting to make one like it. Mine is nowhere near as cute as the ones on there, but I still think it turned out pretty good! I'm still working on the bow on top, I'm not crazy about the one I made for it. I love bows but making them is just not for me! I will stick to buying them! I hand painted it so I am pretty proud of myself!

Her name is Wells by the way!
It's pretty sad that her bow holder is halfway filled up already! Ha!

I also got my Pottery Barn stuff in for Finn's room! I can't wait to start working on their rooms!

This canoe is HUGE!! I didn't even look to see how big it was when I ordered it. It's going to be perfect for his room!!


  1. I think it came out pretty good!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love everything! That bow holder is precious, Finn's room is going to be perfect for a little man, and her name is gorgeous! Where did you come up with Wells?

  3. OK I am lovin the bow holder pretty girl and um I do believe you are gonna be in trouble already have the bow holder half full hahahah.....Love how it turned out, just fab....I love the name Wells so presh....I can't believe I totally missed this post....I have had so much going on....Her name is presh and I know she is going to be just beautiful and I love the stuff you are picking out for Finn's room!!

    Thanks for praying for me....

    Summer ;0)