Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tea party, Birthday party, and Snow!

We had a fun and busy weekend!
Saturday, we took the girls to a tea party with Cinderella! It was at our local tea house and Cinderella and the sister's did little songs and played their parts very well. I think Wells and Harper had a good time!


Today we had a surprise birthday party for Jared's aunt Vicki!

My Mom and I made the cake for the party. 

While we were eating it started SNOWING!! Yay!! I didn't think we would have any snow this year, it was so nice and pretty outside yesterday! 

Hopefully we can get out and play some tomorrow! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love never fails

 We had a very low key Valentine's Day! We went around and visited the Grandparent's and took them their Valentine's Day crafts. 

Jared and I went to the Big Night Out at our church for our Valentine's date. It was so much fun and I so needed to get out for some adult time! They had it all fixed up and I think 200 people were there! I was excited about going out and then yesterday I got lazy and wanted to stay at home in my lounge clothes! I can be such a home-body! 

I'm so glad I went and we got to hang out with some great people!
We sat with our friends Brent and Ashlee...

Mindi and Chad..

Carin and Chris...

We had prime rib {which was SO good}, they had music, speakers, and then our pastor spoke. We also took a T/F quiz about our spouse which was interesting to see what Jared "thinks" he knows about me!

It's so hard this day in time to focus on your spouse and make them your top priority, especially with kids in the mix! That's something that we need to work on in our marriage, taking time out just for the two of us, even if it's just sitting up and talking about our day to each other. We are bad about letting the computer, TV, and other things distract us from spending time together after our kids are in bed. Especially with Jared searching for jobs any chance he gets. We rarely ever go out just the two of us with out the kids. We didn't get each other anything for Valentine's Day and we are both very ok with that. We don't need to give gifts to show our love to each other {not that I think it's a bad thing}. I would rather have his help cleaning or helping with the kids! We see divorce all around us and it's so scary to see how common it is. I love to see older couples that have been married for so long, like my Grandparents {married 64 years} inspiring!  I can't say we have the perfect marriage, but we do love each other dearly and we are going to focus more on making our marriage a priority!

“Love suffers long, and is kind; love does not envy; love does not promote itself, is not puffed up, does not behave badly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails”    {1Corinthians 13:4-8} 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday...

1. The circus was in town this weekend so we took the kids. We all really enjoyed it!

Finn's favorite part of the circus was getting this lemonade! He wanted to hold it the WHOLE time!{it was driving us a little crazy!}

2. I couldn't get over how beautiful and talented Adele was on the Grammy's. I have always liked her music, but now I'm even more in love with her. I think the whole world pretty much is going to be in love with her after seeing her on the Grammy's. 

3. Speaking of music my FAVORITE song at the moment is "Free" by Dara Maclean. Love it!

4. Please pray for me as I take a new journey in my life. I finally decided to go after a dream of mine {after praying about it for a long time it all just kind of happened..gods doing I know!} so hopefully soon I can fill you all in on this! It's so exciting but really scary all at the same time..My head is going about 100 miles a minute and I have about 100 list laying around. I need a list telling me which list to go to first! Ha! 

5. Really excited about The Voice tonight..another new favorite of mine..especially looking at Blake Shelton and Adam Levine..such cuties! I know that's why Jared loves it so much to! Ha!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Questions from Courtney..

I am finally getting around to answering questions from Courtney that she tagged me in!
I'm not following all the rules {sorry Courtney!} because I am short on time..imagine that!

Here are some questions she had for me:

1. What is your favorite movie?
It's a mix up between Sweet Home Alabama and The Notebook. Those movies I can watch over and over and love them every time! 

2. Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, or Diet Pepsi?
Between those Diet Coke but I really love Diet Dr Pepper!

3. If you could relive one day of your life, when would it be?
Any day before my Dad passed away. I  wish he could be here today to see mine and Mindi's kids. He would love them so much and we might could have helped him in some way.

4. What is your go-to meal?
Anything in the crock pot if I'm making something..if I have nothing fixed then sandwiches!

5. Do you have a quote that you try to live by?
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

6. Where do you like to shop?
I can shop ANYWHERE! Lately, I have been on an antique store kick. 

7. What would be your dream vacation?
I really want to take the kids to Disney World. Hopefully that is in our near future!

8. How do you relax and de-stress?
 I like to relax and watch my shows after the kids are in bed! I LOVE The Voice and that is one show that Jared and I both really like! We usually don't agree on what we like to watch!

9. What are your favorite books?
Right now I am reading Kisses from Katie. 

10. What does your normal day look like?
8:00 kids wake up and Finn comes and wakes me up! We eat breakfast and I get them ready for the day
10:00 Wells naps, Finn plays, I usually clean, get on the computer to pay bills, surf the web, blog..whatever I need to do!
12:00 We eat lunch 
2:00 Wells naps again and Finn {he has started refusing naps} plays
5:30 Eat supper
7:30 Start bath stories and bed

11. White gold or yellow gold?
I like both..just depends on what it is!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday..weekend

We have colds {once again} so we just stayed home this weekend and did some projects! My favorite weekends, not the cold part, but the project part! 

I have been wanting to put some sort of curtains up in our living room for awhile, and finally decided on some! I needed some color and I thought it would give it a softer look. I have the shutter blinds in my house and didn't want to cover them up with anything. I also didn't want to hang a curtain rod all the way over the window. I have been brainstorming what I wanted to do, so I went to Lowe's and saw these curtain tie backs {they hold the curtains on the sides} and thought it would be cute to ruffle them on these little hooks. It turned out perfect!

On Saturday it was rainy and yucky, so I decided to start painting {or I started and really hoped that Jared would take over!}...and he did because he is AWESOME! He paints so good and I am so messy! He worked so hard all day Saturday painting for me. When he thought he was done I moved him to another room! Poor thing...

We have only been in our house for 3 years but the walls are terrible! They used a flat paint..need I say more.. NEVER use flat paint!!

We started with our bathroom. I wanted a dark gray color and it turned out so pretty. I will post pictures when I get everything like I want. I still have to move some decorations around like I want them, maybe make a few things..who knows!

Then I thought about how horrible the walls in our pantry looked so I decided to paint them gray as well. I am going to paint some sort of white design on the bottom. Haven't got that far...another un-finished project!

Then our hallway, from the garage, needed some work and I wanted a lighter color.

Check out those dirty spots on the left wall...ugh...can't stand it!

I am still working on getting everything like I want. I am trying my best to just use what I have and not go buy new things!

While we were painting the kids were crafting. Finn loves to paint and color now, and Wells loves to eat crayons! Ha! She likes to color some too! 

Finn's masterpiece he was so proud off! I found this really cute idea on Pinterest where you can take their scribbles, cut them, and modge podge them onto a canvas. I think I'm going to do this with their art work. Love this idea!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

New hair

 I have been wanting to go darker for awhile now but haven't yet. Finally just went for it and I really like it! I have been dark before{natural color} and went back blonde, but for now I'm dark more roots!

I have started the February PHOTO A DAY challenge. I post them on twitter everyday, so if you want to follow click on my {twitter} link at the top-right and request to follow me! 

Day 1 Your view

Day 2 words

Day 3 hands

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...Chalkboard

I have been wanting to paint some chalkboard paint somewhere {really everywhere..i love it} to write things I want Finn to learn. I really wanted to paint this green color chalk paint {from pinterest}, but I got the notion yesterday to go ahead and paint and all I had was black.

When Jared came home he about flipped out because I painted the side of our cabinets! Finn had colored on them with a marker that I couldn't get off, so I just went ahead and painted it. Why not it's just paint!

I thought it turned out rather cute and we wrote the Pledge of Allegiance out to learn!
{and Wells scribbled on the bottom!}