Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday..weekend

We have colds {once again} so we just stayed home this weekend and did some projects! My favorite weekends, not the cold part, but the project part! 

I have been wanting to put some sort of curtains up in our living room for awhile, and finally decided on some! I needed some color and I thought it would give it a softer look. I have the shutter blinds in my house and didn't want to cover them up with anything. I also didn't want to hang a curtain rod all the way over the window. I have been brainstorming what I wanted to do, so I went to Lowe's and saw these curtain tie backs {they hold the curtains on the sides} and thought it would be cute to ruffle them on these little hooks. It turned out perfect!

On Saturday it was rainy and yucky, so I decided to start painting {or I started and really hoped that Jared would take over!}...and he did because he is AWESOME! He paints so good and I am so messy! He worked so hard all day Saturday painting for me. When he thought he was done I moved him to another room! Poor thing...

We have only been in our house for 3 years but the walls are terrible! They used a flat paint..need I say more.. NEVER use flat paint!!

We started with our bathroom. I wanted a dark gray color and it turned out so pretty. I will post pictures when I get everything like I want. I still have to move some decorations around like I want them, maybe make a few things..who knows!

Then I thought about how horrible the walls in our pantry looked so I decided to paint them gray as well. I am going to paint some sort of white design on the bottom. Haven't got that far...another un-finished project!

Then our hallway, from the garage, needed some work and I wanted a lighter color.

Check out those dirty spots on the left wall...ugh...can't stand it!

I am still working on getting everything like I want. I am trying my best to just use what I have and not go buy new things!

While we were painting the kids were crafting. Finn loves to paint and color now, and Wells loves to eat crayons! Ha! She likes to color some too! 

Finn's masterpiece he was so proud off! I found this really cute idea on Pinterest where you can take their scribbles, cut them, and modge podge them onto a canvas. I think I'm going to do this with their art work. Love this idea!

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  1. I smiled so big when I heard from you today! OMG you are so crafty my deary! I love the modgepodge idea with the artwork that is awesome can i borrow it lol, the idea not the artwork ha! Check out that gray color fabulous! I love the curtain ties you used as hangers you should pin that on pinterest that s fabulous! You are decorating like crazy girl looks great when you are done will you come decorate for me lol...ha! Love those curtains! hahahah about Wells that was funny! They look so cute with their little artwork!


  2. I have never seen curtains like that! Very very cool! You have me really motivated now to do this! THanks for sharing!