Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday...

1. The circus was in town this weekend so we took the kids. We all really enjoyed it!

Finn's favorite part of the circus was getting this lemonade! He wanted to hold it the WHOLE time!{it was driving us a little crazy!}

2. I couldn't get over how beautiful and talented Adele was on the Grammy's. I have always liked her music, but now I'm even more in love with her. I think the whole world pretty much is going to be in love with her after seeing her on the Grammy's. 

3. Speaking of music my FAVORITE song at the moment is "Free" by Dara Maclean. Love it!

4. Please pray for me as I take a new journey in my life. I finally decided to go after a dream of mine {after praying about it for a long time it all just kind of happened..gods doing I know!} so hopefully soon I can fill you all in on this! It's so exciting but really scary all at the same time..My head is going about 100 miles a minute and I have about 100 list laying around. I need a list telling me which list to go to first! Ha! 

5. Really excited about The Voice tonight..another new favorite of mine..especially looking at Blake Shelton and Adam Levine..such cuties! I know that's why Jared loves it so much to! Ha!

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  1. I love Adele. She is so talented and beautiful!

  2. hahahaha Kelcee does that with the lemonade too ha! We now buy two but girl with them being like 8 to 10 dollars we are like what in the world lol! He looks so cute watching the circus! I will pray for the dream you are going after, you are so creative and so driven I know you will rock it and succeed! You are gonna lol but it took me like 20 min to figure out if them turning around on the voice was a good thing or a bad thing hahhahahah! YUP another sums moment! Hey I am hosting a scentsy giveaway if you wanna hop over and take a looksy

    love ya girl