Friday, February 3, 2012

New hair

 I have been wanting to go darker for awhile now but haven't yet. Finally just went for it and I really like it! I have been dark before{natural color} and went back blonde, but for now I'm dark more roots!

I have started the February PHOTO A DAY challenge. I post them on twitter everyday, so if you want to follow click on my {twitter} link at the top-right and request to follow me! 

Day 1 Your view

Day 2 words

Day 3 hands


  1. looks good. you need to let me do a photoshoot with your new hair!!

  2. hey pretty girl! long time no talk and no bloggy lol! I missed you! OMG I love your hair long and the dark you are rockin it like nobodies look like Faith Hill...hey and your hubs we can call him Tim McGraw lol....just kidding! OK so I love the hand picture and your computer view is really cute! I love all the new ideas you have and I wanted to tell you that because of you I am overly addicted to Pinterest hahahhah