Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random thoughts..

My brain is so scattered here lately I think the only way to make any sense is to make a list!

1. We went to Sawyer's preschool graduation today and it was so sweet, from what my wild child would let me watch. He didn't want to sit still at all so we ended up in the back. We got there early to make sure we got a seat and that wasn't the best plan.  By the time it started, Finn was ready to walk around and be loud! I can't believe Sawyer is going to be in kindergarten! Where does the time go?

2. I really wish this nausea would go AWAY! One day I fill really good and then the next it's back to feeling sick!! I am 9 weeks!! I feel like it is going by so slow. I am already showing to which makes me worried. I have heard you show more and quicker with your second. Maybe it's because all I want to eat is junk!!

3. My grandma gave me some squash yesterday and I can't WAIT to make a squash pie today. I will tell you the recipe tomorrow if it turns out good. Squash pie is so stinkin' good. It taste a little like pumpkin pie if you're wondering.

4. Jared and I are doing a Monster event Saturday at a Harley Davidson store for his work. I am excited to spend the day with Jared, and Jason Michael Carroll is going to be there and we will get to go backstage and meet him!

5. I really really want to go to the beach! We have been so BUSY every weekend and the next 2 weekends we have things to do. I feel like my life is so crazy right now. We never get a chance to just stop and relax for a second. With Jared having school 3 nights a week, me having parties, and running around all weekend, we just really need a weekend or week to just do nothing!

6. I never vote for things like American Idol but last night I voted for Lee!! I hope he wins so bad! I just think he is the cutest thing and he seems so sweet. Crystal did do really good last night but I am just not crazy about her. I think they will both succeed and do great!

Well that wraps up my scattered pregnancy brain. Ha! I can't stop thinking about squash pie now so I am going to get busy!


  1. Mmmm! I love squash pie (and so does Colson); my Mamaw always put a bit of lemon flavoring in it so it had the slightest hint of lemon and I loved it!

    ...get used to the scatter brain; with 2 kids it never goes away! :)

  2. I have never heard of squash pie? I will maybe have to try it when ya post the recipe! Kiddos grow up so fast I am glad ya'll got to see him graduate from pre-school oh and girlie when ya plan something with a toddler it never goes as planned haha :0)

    I hope you get over the morning sickies soon, and girl you are so skinny you prob don't even have a baby bump yet :0)

    Yay on spending the day with your hubs and what an added bonus to meet Jason Michael to get his autograph....

    Oh and since I am commenting late I can now say that your vote must have worked cause Lee won AI....yipeeeeee :0)