Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gender Test..

This morning I took the Intelli Gender Test and I still have no clue what I'm having. Ha! When I first looked at 20 minutes it looked like a girl, but then I started sliding it around and waiting and it got darker and looked like a boy. Then I looked at the directions again and it said to look right at 20 minutes and then it will change, and not to touch it at all. So, I guess I will be finding out for sure in July!

I have been sick for about a week now. Finn got a cold last week and then I started with a sore throat on Friday and it just got worse. Today I am just starting to feel better. Finn now has an ear infection. I am so glad I took him yesterday because yesterday evening he woke up from his nap with a really high fever and felt horrible. This morning he woke up feeling better so I think the meds are kicking in.

Jared and I had a lot of fun at the Monster Event we went to on Saturday. I wasn't feeling the best, but I made it. I was exhausted by the time we left and slept on the way home.

We got to go back and meet Jason Michael Carroll in a private room. He seemed like a really nice guy!

I am 10 weeks now by the way and I am not sick anymore! I go back to the doctor on Monday and I hope everything is ok.


  1. I'm glad you're over the morning sickness! Hope your dr's appt goes well...not too much longer until you'll find out! :)

  2. Yay for no more morning sickies....Oh on the gender prediction test I was reading on the Francis blog....ya know Jennifer, josh and brody that she took the first test and it was unclear so she called them and she took the second one and it was all girl and 2 weeks later she went for the ultrasound and it was a you maybe having a girl chicka....

    oh I need your email so I can send ya an invite....mine is

  3. I always wondered about those prediction test! cute pics!