Friday, June 11, 2010

Start of Summer!

I wanted to post a few pictures of our Summer so far! We are leaving for the beach today and I haven't packed one thing! I love to procrastinate!! We found out Finn LOVES the water and he tries to swim when we are holding him. I bought him some arm floaties and this weekend at the beach we are going to try them out!

I had to take some pictures of Finn eating Oreo's. I would say that he enjoyed it! He was licking his hands to get every last crumb.

Mr. Finn has become quite the handful. He is so strong-willed and when he wants something he is determined.  I feel like I say "NO" all day long and boy will he pitch a fit if he doesn't get his way!! On the other hand he can be such a sweetie and be so good. He has started giving me hugs around my neck and I just love it! 

Finn loves his Daddy. Jared wants to be outside all the time and Finn is exactly like him. Jared rides him on the four-wheeler and on the lawnmower (I know it's not very safe) but he just LOVES it. If he hears it and he is inside he goes crazy until I take him out there. He wants to be outside ALL the time. Anytime I put his clothes on or change his clothes he run's to the door thinking we are going outside.

Monday I had a doctor's appointment and got to here the heartbeat. The nurse couldn't find it at first and scared me half to death. Then when my Dr came in she said not to worry that she would be able to get it. So she did, and she said it was really fast. I said so that means a girl?? She said that's what they say but you never know!!  August 2nd is the big day and I am ready to find out so I can start planning what to do with the room, and we have SOO much to do to get ready. Move Finn's room, finish the basement, and move the computer and play room downstairs!! Aww..Just thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done worries me.


  1. awww, look at that sweet boy! love those pictures and the oreos look like they were WELL enjoyed!!!

    i can understand your freaking out about not hearing the HB, that's scary! can't wait to find out what you're having!!!! :)

  2. Look at him enjoying those oreos.....he is like yum yum yum....that is so it....
    Everyone enjoys oreos :)

    Girl I betcha you did freak when they couldn't hear the HB at first....I am glad that they found it and all is well! Bet that about gave you a heart attack.....I am guessing GIRL....eeeeeeeek.....
    I can't wait to find out!
    Have fun at the beach and post some pics girlie....
    Awwwww those pool pics are so cute....
    Finn is ADORABLE....