Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun Things!

I have been trying to take Finn out this summer and do fun things with him. I know he gets bored sitting around here all the time and so does Mommy! I know once the new baby gets here it might be hard for me at first to take them both out, so I want to spend as much time doing fun things with Finn right now as I can.  We ALL go to the beach Friday for a week and  am so excited!! One crazy and loud week! My family, my sister's family, and my Mom all stay together so it gets pretty crazy! Our husbands don't look forward to this week!! Ha!! They both say this isn't a vacation for them. I'm sure they will be skipping out on us to play golf and try to avoid the wildness!!

We took the kiddos to the park one day with there school readiness group. I had to get a quick pic before we left because I can't ever get them together once we get there.

We went to Sciworks one day with all the kids plus a friend and her 2 kids.
It was so neat there! I think they liked the music part the best.

I wanted to show you a picture of Finn eating corn on the cob!! I have really been craving  corn here lately and Finn loves it to.
 I thought it was so cute!

Just a random note: You should have seen what I got at the grocery store yesterday. When I came home Jared was like you seriously bought this stuff! Ha! Just to list a few..pickled okra...summer sausage and cheese...salt and vinegar chips...popsicles....mozzarella sticks...2 bags of peanut m&m's....
I wonder if the guy checking me out was wondering why I was eating all this funky stuff!

Hope you all have a great and safe 4th of July! We will be watching some fireworks somewhere!


  1. That picture of all three of them made me laugh!! Thats what happens when I try to get one of all three of my babes together!!

  2. Love your food combination! Sounds perfectly normal...if your preggers. :)

    It was good to see you yesterday; you look great! Have fun at the beach!

  3. I've missed you girlie :0) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!! I am glad you are feeling well and I just love seeing pics of presh Finn! LOL at the corn pic, we love watching Kelcee eat corn too....we have these corn holders and cut her corn in half and she loooooooooooooooves funny and cute she calls it popcorn LOL....probably from the butter haha

    LOL about your food pickled okra....sounds like my ranch dressing craze....when I was preggo with Kelcee I ate it on EVERYTHING!!

    Yay for going to the beach....have a great 4th sweetie....

    oh and I Love my 31 stationary and that organizer is beyond amazing....I am thinking of getting another one or a bigger one....I will letcha know

    Summer :0)