Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Projects {part 2}

Framed Mirror

Jared also framed my mirror in my bathroom and I distressed it. I am going to re-paint this bathroom when I figure out what color I want to paint it.

Painted Stool:

This is a super cheap and easy project. I got this little stool from the Habitat Store {which I love FYI} for 3 bucks! It was already painted white so I just taped it off, painted it, and sanded it a little to distress it.

Burlap ruffle lamp shade:

This was some leftover burlap from my wreath project. I didn't take a before picture because it was kind of a make up as you go project {while watching Grey's!}. Making a ruffle with burlap is SUPER easy because you just hold a string in the middle of your strip and pull it to ruffle! I am going to take pictures of the one I am making for my sister to show you. I just hot glued it on to the shade I already had on my mantle.


Side table:

This was a 3 dollar table from a yard sale that was gold and pretty ugly! I spray painted this and didn't do anything else to it. Right now it is being used in Wells' room to hold books and lamp. She pulls all the books off this table every day, 10 times a day, it is driving me crazy and it won't hold all of here books. Plus it looks pretty junky I think.

These are going to be book holders for the kids rooms! We are currently working on these and I am really excited about them. I found these idea on Pinterest! I still need to sand and paint them.

This is what I am making! 

Wood/Tin bar:

This is Jared's project {in basement} so I can't take any credit for this. I just wanted to show how cute it turned out for only 8 bucks! He used some wood from his Granddad and some old tin. He made those frames on the wall from some old barn wood. This literally took him one day to do. 

Saving Jars:

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest but wanted to use something I already had. These are old sauce jars that I always keep. It's funny how I used to laugh at my Mom and Grandma about saving jars, containers, and plastic bags to reuse and now I do it too! The Tithing sticker got messed up so I need to remake it.

I tired to find where I saw this and can't for the life of me find it. 

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  1. brandon picks on me for saving jars.. im like hey one day im gonna use them for something!