Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My love for food..

I love food and cooking good food. I do like to go out to eat some, but I feel like it takes me 30 minutes to clean the table and everything around it that I think they may touch{I'm a germaphobe!}. Therefore, for us it's so much easier to eat at home, and saves a lot of money! I have found so many recipes on Pinterest and could look up new recipes all day long. I usually like to see what's on sale at Foodlion, it's just the closet and most convenient grocery store to us. I really like getting meats at Harris Teeter but it's so easy to just run 2 seconds up the road to FL. I printed off these menu planner sheets from this blog and made me a book to right down for the next few weeks, so I could go get everything I will need for about 3 weeks. I like to find recipes that I have most of the ingredients for already and that would be easy and fairly cheap to make!

I pretty much use my crock pot about everyday and it makes life so much easier for me to have supper ready when Jared leaves early for school. Plus, with 2 little ones getting into everything it is super easy to throw it in the crock pot and give them my attention!

Especially with this little one getting into EVERY cabinet! I have locks on some but not all, she knows exactly which ones she can get into.

Today we are having Stroganoff with noodles and it smells so good. I can't wait for supper!

Tomorrow we are having this BBQ chicken and is the best recipe ever. It is one of our favorites and you should definitely fix this one!

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  1. Oh my - thanks for the slowcooker recipes. That printable is too cute!