Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday!

I wanted to post about Finn's 3 year check up for me to have. It went great, everything is perfect with him. We have had our concerns about his speech but his Dr asked him all the questions a 3 year old should know and he answered perfectly, he said we have nothing to be worried about. He is in the 90th % for his height and 80th % for his weight. 

I put Wells in her little class at church yesterday for the first time..big deal for me! They said she did great and I know she enjoyed it. I was in Finn's class helping and we had so many kids I couldn't leave to go check on her. It about killed me but the girl did come tell me she was doing great. 

Remember this desk I posted about...

I re-painted it and it's exactly what I wanted for our foyer.  It took me maybe an hour to spray the primer and then the off white color. Now I just need to find a chair that will fit under it. 

We finally got our little goat yesterday for Finn's birthday. Finn named him Boss and i'm going to try and get some pictures of him today. He was so scared yesterday we put him in the barn to get used to being at a new place. He wanted to run from us and kept running straight into the fence! Poor little guy!

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  1. love the repainted desk it looks so great :) Hope you have a great week!

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