Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

I think this is my favorite projects I have done so far! It turned out really cute and was actually fun. I like doing little projects like this while watching TV at night, it's how I like to decompress at night!

Start with a foam wreath or any type wreath/form you have or want to use, a pack of coffee filters, hot glue, and scissors. I wanted to use the brown filters{for a more vintage look} but all I had were the white. It will take about the whole pack to make it really full and pretty.

I folded the coffee filter in fourths and cut the end off, just so that end wasn't causing the glue not to hold it in place good.

I figured out as I went, that if you stick your fingers in the middle and make a flat spot to put the hot glue on, it sticks better and quicker!
{please ignore the paint on my hands from doing other projects, what can I say i'm obsessed with doing projects!}

Then just put it on the wreath and hold it for a second until it feels like it's sticking!

Then just keep going until you get the fullness you want. Tie some baking twine around the top to hook it on something! Like an old greenhouse window I found rummaging through Jared's Granddad's old sheds. {another fav of mine}

While your feeling crafty you can make a burlap banner for Valentines Day!

This is another project I am working on. I found this old desk at my MIL's house so I am giving it a makeover. Jared needs just a little area upstairs to put his computer {so I don't have to look at it, or MOVE it around the house anymore!!}

I'm thinking he might need an MacBook to go on that desk for graduation..or Shelli needs one to keep upstairs..I may be a tad bit obsessed with Apple products too!

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  1. very cute wreath. one day when i have somewhere it put it, you can make me one!:)