Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Finn and Harper!

 Today is Finn's 3rd birthday! We had Finn and Harper's birthday party on Saturday and the kids had a blast! We had it at a cheer gym that had the big inflatable slides and other fun things for the kids.

Mindi and I had Harper and Finn on the same day if you are new to our blog! Finn was 5 weeks early and Mindi was being induced! They are pretty much like twins with different Moms!

Sawyer, Harper, Wells and Finn

Mindi, Sawyer, Chad and Harper

Finn wanted a green tractor cake and Harper wanted a princess cake, so they had their own cakes!

We brought their presents home for them to open so they could have more time playing!

Today we took Finn to the mall to ride the carousel and train! Papaw Jimmy {Jared's Dad} met us there and ate lunch with us!

Finn and Wells loved the carousel! 

I can't believe my little Finn is 3 years old today! He is such a sweet little boy and we love him dearly. He melts my heart everyday in different ways. He LOVES Sawyer and Harper to death and talks about them pretty much all day long. When we pray we always say at the end god bless and name everyone..he says "Parper and Saw saw"about 10 times! Ha! 

Just thinking back to this day 3 years ago, I am so grateful that we have Finn today and he is a healthy, smart little boy! I thank God everyday for healing Finn and allowing him to come home with us so quickly.  {Even though that week in the hospital seemed like 10 years}


  1. We had Bailey's party there the past two years! I loved it. And we brought the presents home too! I think the kids would like to play more anyways! Looks like they both had great birthdays!

  2. they are so cute! hope there party was great, hate we missed it! Happy Birhtday Finn & Harper!