Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

I thought while I have a few seconds I would go ahead and do "Thoughtless Thursday" from Life in the Fulmer Lane. I am watching Harper this morning so Finn is busy playing with her! The point of Thoughtless Thursday is to post pictures and you can tell about them or not.

These are all pictures from before Finn.

This was an Easter egg hunt at the beach! I think we are going to the beach this Easter to and I can't wait! They do this fun little Easter egg hunt at the park. Sawyer was 2 here.

This was at a little party I had for Jared when he graduated college!

Me with dark hair at a friend's wedding!

This is me and Jared dancing at our reception!


  1. Shelli your dress is sooo beautiful! LOVE IT!! What fun pics....

    Oooh the beach for easter sounds like lots of fun....

    Summer :0)

  2. These are great pics! You little guy looks so cute in his shades!

  3. SUCH cute pictures!!! thanks for playing along!!! :)

  4. You're a lucky girl...your hair looks great blonde or brunette!

  5. fun pictures! I love looking at people pics! so cute and fun!

  6. Love the pictures! We used to go the beach most Easters as well. Lots of fun.