Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Twins with different Mamas!

I wanted to tell the story about Finn and Harper because I talk about them a lot! I always say they are like "twins with different Mamas"!

Mindi and I are very close sisters. We are best friends, live right beside each other, talk on the phone about 50 times a day, and are always together. We had our babies on the same day! People always said when we were pregnant that we might go on the same day, and we always said "No we're a month apart". Ha! Little did we know!

January 23rd was a happy, crazy, drama filled, and scary day all in one. Mindi was going to be induced that morning. We had just moved into our house and we didn't have any window treatments up yet. I remember lying in bed and seeing her pull out of her driveway to leave for the hospital. Well of course I was really excited and I couldn't go back to sleep. I was planning on meeting them over there a little later to take pictures. I was in there when Sawyer was born and I wanted to be in there for Harper too. Well about 30 minutes after I saw them leave, my water broke! At first I just laid in bed and thought to myself that really just didn't happen. Ha! Yea it did. I went to the bathroom just to check out the situation and then I called for Jared. We didn't know what to do. Jared was walking around in circles. I immediately got on the phone and called my Mom and Mindi. Mindi told the girls at the hospital so they had me a room ready beside her! I got ready, packed (we weren't 100% packed yet), took a shower, and went to the hospital.

So Harper comes at about 9:30 a.m. and I am starting to have contractions. Mindi has Harper, comes to my room and I met Harper, then goes to her other room, takes a shower, and comes back to be with me. My Mom couldn't be there because she was home with Sawyer (Mindi's 4 yr old) with RSV. That's where the drama comes in!! He was VERY sick!!

About 3:00 I was having contractions pretty good and my doctor wanted me to wait as long as I could to have my epidural. Ha! I got it and about 5 minutes later I was dilated to a 10. So it pretty much didn't have time to start working. Fun fun..They gave me oxygen (which scared both me and Mindi) during the labor.  I had to have an episiotomy to and I could feel EVERYTHING! So then she started with the needles..ouch..thats all I can say about that. That was worse than the actual birth!

We'll Finn was finally here and everything was just great until I held him and he was blue. I said something to the nurse about him being blue, and asked if his lungs were ok. She just said yea he was having a little trouble breathing and took him to the nursey. Then everything went DOWN hill..The pediatrician came in and told us he was going to be transferred to a NICU and didn't know if it was his heart, lungs, or something else. I can't even describe how the best day of my life turned into the worst. I remember then wheeling me into the nursery and seeing him laying there, I was hysterical.

Finn was then incubated and transferred to a great hospital. I can't say enough good things about Brenner's.  The nurses and doctors we're awesome. I was pretty much a basket case all week, just crying all day long. The nurse's and doctors would hug me all the time. This one doctor, I can't remember her name, would come sit and talk to me when I was upset.  Finn was home in about a week. (one scary week!!)

Boy how I missed my family. Since Sawyer was sick, my Mom and my family didn't come to the hospital because they didn't want to risk bringing germs. Honestly we didn't want many people at the hospital, we needed that time to ourselves. I guess everyone deals with situations differently and Jared and I didn't want to socialize, we wanted to focus everything we had on Finn and each other. Jared was so good to me that week. I am seriously crying just sitting here thinking about it. I was in a lot of pain and he was so sweet, caring, emotional, and just seeing Jared with Finn was amazing. I had never seen that side of Jared before.
 (He is Mr. Tough guy!)

We finally made it home and we got to see everyone, and Finn finally got to meet his family! Finn still didn't open his eyes much (I guess being early). Harper was wide eyed and ready to look at Finn. Ha! You can tell in this picture she is trying to look at him so hard!

They have been best buddies from then own out! They play together about every day. We go to their checkups on the same day, same time, same doctor. We go everywhere together.
It is so much fun! Finn absolutely LOVES Sawyer. He laughs just looking at him!

Finn has been grabbing Harper's head and giving her these wet kisses on her head. I can't wait to see how they are when they are older! It is so cool they have each other to hang out with and play with. They will probably be fighting like brother and sister's one day!

The local paper called us and wanted to do an article on our story! Then this lady called me randomly from the Today Show and wanted to fly us to New York! Ha!  We didn't go, I wasn't about to put Finn on a plane with all those germs!
Here is the article if you want to see it!


  1. Love your blog!!!! I came over from summers blog at summers story!!! Your blog is so cute!!! Your baby is precious!!! You have a beautiful family!!Im a new follwer of yours now! feel free to head over and check out my blog!:)

  2. Shelli,
    Thanks for sharing your story girl! When I seen that pic on your post yesterday I thought those two have to be related they look lots alike haha!
    Talk about close sisters....What a roller coaster of emotions....Those two are just precious and they look ALIKE ALOT....
    I think I told ya before Kelcee was a 36 weeker.....
    Finn is just presh....Girl you looked great even after you outta see my pic after delivery not pretty at all....LOL
    Summer :0)

  3. Loved reading that story and I also read the story the day it was in the dispatch! Such a neat memory you and Mindi will always have, or should I say your whole family will have. Thanks for sharing!