Saturday, March 20, 2010

Open House!

We had a great turn out for our Open House! I am so mad because we got so busy I didn't get to take pictures of the food or all of us girls having the party. I took some pictures before and some after everyone left.  We had so many people come and they loved everything! I think we were all pooped last night!

Me and Mindi (sister) before the party!

Here are a few of  my bags! I had already taken some down when I remembered to take pictures.

One of Monica's bow racks.

Summer this bow reminds me of you!

I am really luvin' turquoise colored stuff right now! Check out these cute shoes I just got. I also bought a necklace from Monica last night that is the same color!

We are all going outside today because it is going to be 70 here! We might just take a trip to the park today!


  1. How fun! I love that first pic of you and Finn! I was for sure I thought he looked just like you and then I seen the pic of Finn and his daddy and now I think he looks alot like both of ya hahahaha! You are your sister are so pretty and look lots alike! I love how you put the purses and bags on the shutters super cute idea! Those hairbows are super cute too!

    I can't imagine why that bow would remind you of me? LOL....(just kidding) I laughed right out loud when I seen it! I am soooo the hot pink and zebra print girl! All my friends when they see that print always calls or e-mails, text messages is Ha-larious....I love the wild flare look....I will have to look at her Etsy shop!

    Those shoes are really cute!
    Glad you had a good turn out! Did you sell lots! I hope you made lots of moola!

    Summer :0)

  2. Love your bags! do you have an etsy store??

  3. No Kimberly it is Thirty-One! You can go to my site and take a look. The month of April is free shipping so if you decide you want something you can get it shipped for free right to you!

  4. oh I am glad the party was a sucess! I LOVE the bag with whit blue and green flowers with the scarf! I saw it in the catalog...I just can't afford it right now but if I could that bag would be mine I tell you!

    u and your sis look so much alike!

    I LOVE those shoes! Love.

    Do you have a beach where you are? Coming up soon on my blog...beach pics!

  5. my family has a condo on the beach in surfside (which is right by myrtle beach)! I think we are going soon! I can't wait for a week at the beach!

  6. Hey Shelli, I just wandered over to your blog from another and I have to say, you have the cutest little boy! I wish you lived in Florida, or I lived in North Carolina because I would so love to have attended this get together. Cute, cute purses!

  7. LOVE all of your stuff!!! I want one of those would I order a couple from you?

  8. Thanks Carrie!

    Maria Lane:You can go to the Mococreations link on the side of my page! She has an etsy called Mococreations! She has the cutest bows!