Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Food and Family..

My day turned around pretty quick yesterday once Jared got home. I fixed the Ranch Chicken and Creamed Spinach from the Pioneer Woman's website. She has a cookbook that I desperately want! Everything I have ever made from her is AMAZING! It was the best chicken we have ever had! Lowfat, not so much!

Then we did a little of this..

and this...

He just loves getting hugs by his Mama! As you can tell by him pushing me away in both pictures!

We did a little more of this..

And of course Jared gets a big smile when he hugs on him. Go figure!

Then we watched our favorite show together! Family Feud! Yes, we are like old people watching all the game shows! I think Finn likes it because of the loud buzzing sound and people clapping! His attention goes straight to the TV when this show comes on.

We did a little more playing, and then Mindi and I went to the grocery store!
I FINALLY got me some Dt Dr Pepper!

 I then got in bed, watched my shows, and called it a night!

Good food and family is exactly what I needed!


  1. That food looks yummy! Now can ya come over and cook for us?!?! LOL....

    I am glad your day got better! Nothing can put you in a good mood faster than family and friends! I love the pics of you and Finn....just precious! He looks like such a Happy baby!!

    LOL on Family Feud We watch that too....and Wheel of Fortune we feel like an old married couple LOL....

    Yay for the Diet Dr. Pepper run....a good ending to a better day....

    Have a great weekend
    Summer :0)

  2. Just wandered over to your blog and it is so super fun! Love your family and I am totally going to check out those reciepes....that looks stinkin amazing! I follow you now ; )

  3. Hey sweetie,
    I think you should take a looksy over at my blog....

    Summer :0)

  4. Congratulations on your win!
    have a great weekend Kim! I am a new follower too!