Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday I took Finn to the doc to check his ear's and they are fine! I was glad I took him just to ease my mind. He now has a fever! Sawyer started with a fever Saturday night and now Finn has it. If someone is sick around Finn all you have to do is look at him and he gets it. It's so annoying. He has had a snotty nose going on 3 weeks. I have cleaned snot until I could scream!

On a good note, I got my kit in the mail from Thirty-One! I have been using different bags all weekend!

Friday night Sawyer was over and wanted to take a bath with Finn. I had bought Finn some bathtub crayons for his Easter Basket and I figured Sawyer would like them. As you can see he did! They are pretty cool, it just wipes right off! Finn didn't know what to do with Sawyer in there. He just stared at him the whole time! There were so many toys in the bathtub I could hardly wash them!


Sunday morning we didn't make it to church because Finn had a low grade fever. We decided to take him outside to get a little fresh air. Chad (Mindi's husband) was outside with his car backed out of the garage and looking at the motor. They have been seeing some kind of poop in their carport and claw marks on the trash. They figured out that a cat was living in Chad's car! Ha! So Chad and Jared had the water hose trying to get this cat out! Jared had a shovel and was spraying in there to try and scare him out.(I'm not going to tell what he was going to do with that shovel!) We'll he wouldn't come out, so they thought he was stuck. All of a sudden we look behind the car and a BIG SKUNK was walking up the driveway! A SKUNK was living in their car, in their garage! That is crazy! I can't believe it didn't spray in the garage. That would have been horrible! He was coming out at night and eating trash and using the bathroom! Ha! We all couldn't believe it! We all rode together a few weeks ago and Jared said something about it stinking in their car! It must have been living in there for a LONG time! Mindi then cloroxed and scrubbed their garage!

Well that was our excitement for the weekend! Ha! I'm going to play and lay around with my little Finn today. Please say a prayer that Finn's fever goes away and he doesn't get anything else!


  1. Saying a prayer that precious Finn's fever breaks and he gets well soon! Have you tried Boggie Wipes?? They have them in scented flavors and you can get them at walmart and they have saline in them sooo it stops their little noses from running sooo much! I heart them....

    How funny is Finn and his friend in the bathtub with all those toys.... I heart bathtub crayons....they also have these fizzy tabs that turn the water colors and moose that is really fun...

    Oh my goodness a that could have really smelled if it would have sprayed....LOL about the shovel that's really funny

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)

  2. Love you 31 bag! I just got my tote back it! I will have to see if I can come to yall's open house that Fri. night. :)

    Hope Finn feels better soon, and tell Mindi I'm so glad that skunk didn't spray!!!

  3. LOVE the 31 bag!! I hope Finn is feeling better!! And I am so glad the skunk didn't spray!! That would have been horrible!!