Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday!

Ok so I'm going to participate in Thoughtless Thursday from Katie's cute blog! I found it through a sweet blogger friend of mine, Summer.

I am NOT having the best of days.

1. I'm out of Diet Dr Pepper and REALLY need one! Can you be addicted to a soft drink? Humm..

2. Finn woke up from his nap screaming, and screamed for about 30 minutes no matter what I did. Then he started coughing (from crying so hard) and then came the throw-up! Seriously why can't we catch a break from all this sickness. We don't even go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I'm out of Diet Dr Pepper and might I add we have NOTHING else to drink except for milk and water. Yuck!

4. I need to clean up today and really don't feel like it!

5. I have tried to call Jared and he won't answer (He's probably in a meeting but I wish he could just say.."ok stop everyone I need to answer this..its my wife!!").

6. Young and the Restless is not on due to the ACC tournament! Not happy about that! 

7. Found out that something that we have been praying for is not going to happen. I guess God has another plan.

I think we should call it "Lets Vent Thursday"! Ha! 

Finn was 7 months old in this picture. We always put him on the counter after his bath, dry him off, and do the nightly stuff. Now he will barely even fit! It is so sad how fast he is growing up. I get baby fever a lot these days. I think because I just miss having a little baby! Jared always pushes that idea out! Sigh..

I guess we all go through hard times, some a lot worse than others. You just have to remember that we can't ever doubt God's presence with us! God will never let us down.

You are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head. To the Lord I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill.  
Psalm 3:3-4


  1. Yay you participated! That picture of Finn is ADORABLE!! They grow up way to quickly don't they ?!?!

    O.K. um I am sayin yeah you can so be addicted to a soft drink 'cause if I don't have my Diet Coke um it's not good at all LOL....

    Sorry your having a crummy day! That stinks! Hope Finn feels better soon! I will say a prayer for ya'll!

    Sorry whatever it is you wanted to happen didn't! That stinks!

    When something upsets or disappoints me I think ya know Summer God has a plan for might not be what we want or we might not know what it is but he has a plan!

    Keep your chin up pretty girl

    Summer ;0)

  2. thanks for playing! i loved your "thoughtless thursday" :) your family is adorable :) happy thursday ...

    oh and i LOVE diet dp too!!!

  3. Hope Finn feels better! And you have a better day tommorow!! I was very unhappy about Y&R not being on today too!!! I never miss it or at least I try not to!!