Friday, March 26, 2010

Finn's First Accident

We'll this morning was very eventful to say the least. We got up as usual and did or normal things. Ate breakfast, watched some cartoons, drank coffee, and then it happened! Ha! Finn was running down the hall ready to go play, tripped and fell  head first right into the corner of a piece of furniture. It made a really loud noise and I just knew he busted his head open! I picked him up and saw that the top of his ear was split open. Yikes! I went into panic mode, called Jared and told him to come home quick. Luckily he works about 5 minutes from our house. I called Mindi and she called and got us an appointment, so we took him right in to see our Pediatrician. He told us that if we wanted it to be perfect and no scar that we should take him to the ENT doctor, or he could glue it and he would possibly have a scar. We went with gluing because he is a little boy, he is going to get hurt, and I'm sure he will have many more accidents! He said that if it were his child he would just glue it. I let Jared make the decision because I tend to over react, and Jared is calmer when it comes to things like that. He glued it really good and I think it will heal up just fine. Jared told me on the way home that I better get used to Finn getting hurt, and not freaking out every time! He is so rough and he tries to climb everything! I think I'm going to have my hands full. He is definitely ALL BOY!

He cried for about 10 minutes and then he was running around like normal! He has a huge knot on his head to that worried me. He said to watch him today and make sure he didn't have any bleeding under the skin.

I took this with my phone so it's not the best picture. You can't really tell that it's spilt open because of the blood.

So now you've seen it. Finn's First little accident! I'm just thankful it wasn't any worse!



  1. Glad Finn is o.k.! First accidents are the worse...on the mommies....I am like you girl I freak when Kelcee gets hurt....the first time scared me to death....You did good all the right nephew had to have his chin glued and no scar....soooo I'm sure Finn prob won't have one either! Awwww give the little guy a hug for me! Hope he feels better soon, now you go take a deep breathe and drink a large glass of Diet Dr. Pepper LOL....

    Glad your hubby was there for support! My hubs is the same way! Glad we both found really good guys!

    Hope your day is um less eventful....

    Summer :0)

  2. Poor little Finn...give him lots of kisses and it'll be all better! (I think it hurts us moms more than them most of the time.)

    LB took a nose dive off of the couch at about 6 months and it scared me to death...she had a nosebleed, but it ended up being fine. And the bad thing was, I was sitting right beside her when it happened! :(

  3. oh man oh man...that really stinks! I am sure if it leaves a scar it will be the smallest most unnoticable scar ever.... Carson totally rolled off her changing table the other day...its weird bc I ALWAYS just change her right on the floor but not this time and what do you know... With Darby I would have been in the emergency room with where near the panic.

  4. Hey girl...I'm not sure if you're at the beach already, but I left you something on my blog today! :)