Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a few things..

I guess I should teach my son that it's not good manners to lick your plate.....

Or your fingers!

Oh well, we have other things to worry about! Like pulling the toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom all the way down the hall and into the kitchen. Getting a diaper out of the trashcan and walking around with it hanging out of his mouth. (just a wet one!) The list goes on..shew..I can't take my eyes off this little guy for a second! He is all over the place. 

I feel like I tell him NO all day long! He knows when he is doing something wrong so I guess it's sinking in! He will get something he knows he's not supposed to have, then come show me and take off running. Just the look on his face is hilarious!

Yesterday I got my Thirty-One purchase from the first party I went to. I LOVE them!


The bag is the "All-in-one Organizer". It's only $19.50. ($6 for monogram) That's not bad at all! It is so cute. I love the owls! I wanted to put it in the car with Finn's toys, but I have other things I want to do with it now! I need a bunch more!

This is the small "Magazine Basket". I wanted to put it in the bathroom with toilet paper in it, but I found 2 other places I wanted to put it! So I ordered me another one last night!

Monica, Mindi, and I are having an open house in a few weeks. We are so excited! I need to go shopping to get stuff for my house and do some redecorating. I haven't got anything hanging in my dining room. I haven't had time since we moved in, or the money to really do what I would like to do. I really want some things from Pier 1 that I saw in there catalog. I would also like to do something different on my mantle! I have some ideas so we will see!


  1. Love both of those 31 items...can't wait to order more! :)

  2. That pic made me laugh right out loud! Finn is such a cutie patootie! Girl I remember when Kelcee use to unroll the toilet paper, wait she still does LOL....her new thing is taking all the baby wipes out of the container and putting them in her fun....LOL

    I looooove that magazine basket super cute....

    I tried to comment earlier, but blogger was messing up I was gonna ask if you wanted to link up Finn's pics to Katie's blog which was Thoughtless Thursday, you link a pic....and talk about it....the idea is you don't have to think about what your gonna write about....LOL
    Her link is on my blog if you want it
    Happy Thursday
    Summer :0)