Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching up!

Easter 09

Easter 2010

Just going to warn you that there's going to be a picture overload on this post!

With this warm weather, long weekend at the beach, and a SICK little boy I haven't had much time to get on the computer.

The weather at the beach was beautiful and I wish we could have enjoyed it more, but Finn had an ear infection so we ended up at the doctor's office on Friday (while my family was on the beach boo).  By Saturday night he had a fever of 102.8 and it really scared me and Jared. Something about a high fever just doesn't sit well with me. I called the nurse I don't know how many times, and everyone I talked to acted like fever was a good thing?? After his antibiotic kicked in everything is getting back to normal. I pretty much worried about him all weekend.

We did get to go out the first day and It was so nice. There was hardly anyone on the beach yet. Finn ate sand and went back for more! Finn and Harper got to run wild down the beach! Finn was feeling fine Thursday during the day, Thursday night is when the fever started.

Finn's first time eating a cheese doodle. As you can see he loved it!

Mimi (my Mom) and Sawyer started a tradition making a bunny cake for Easter every year. None of the kids were interested in watching Mimi make her cake but we made it anyways!

We only had 4 laptops with us! Ha! I would say we are all obsessed with computers. It's pretty sad. Chad (B-in-L) works in the computer field so we look outside and he is climbing the back of our condo trying to but this antenna thing on our roof (to get better reception for our internet). It was pretty funny! (We pick on him for being a computer nerd!!)

There is a park about 2 blocks from our place at the beach. They do an Easter egg hunt and have a bunch of fun things for the kids. Finn wasn't feeling well so he wasn't too impressed with the egg hunt! You can tell by the look on his face he wasn't having a very good time. Poor thing.

This morning we went with Finn and Harper's school readiness teacher, Mrs. Marla, on a field trip to a local farm. Finn had a lot of fun. Anything outside he loves! We had to postpone it for after Easter because of the tornados. But the weather was great so it turned out to be a good thing.

He LOVED these goats. He wanted to pet and feed them. He was laughing at them and it takes alot to get this child to laugh!

This was the best picture we could get with the Easter bunny! Ha!

We made a stuffed bunny out of a sock and dyed an Egg!

I can't believe how fast it got HOT here! It went from cold to 90 in no time. If this is any indication of what this summer is going to be like we are in trouble! I guess we will be joining a pool this summer.  We won't be able to play outside without water! I wish I could talk Jared into putting a pool in here...maybe one day!


  1. That first pic cracked me up girly that basket is bigger than he is LOL....Love that photo and then this year's photo....what a difference a year makes he is soooo stinkin cute!! I'm sorry to hear little Finn had an ear infection at the beach :0( ! Glad ya'll at least were able to go out in the sun the first day! Him and Harper are just to presh for words! Love the Easter outfits on them and Harper's bow is just too cute! I am soooo jealous ya'll went to the beach!

    How fun at the petting zoo, we took Kelcee to an Easter Carnvial at our state capitol and they had a petting zoo and she loved it too! How cute is that sock bunny! Finn was really cheesing in some of those pics just to presh for words! Glad ya'll had a great time....and glad he is feeling better! I am the same way....Kelcee had a low grade fever one time and I freaked.....

    Oh and I did get my goodies and girl I love them!! That tote is just too cute....I but all her desitin, wipies, pull-ups, and bath stuff in it and it makes my life so much easier than the bigger tote that I had....Oh and I have already used the stationary....I was gonna e-mail ya but I know you've been out of town and didn't wanna interrupt your fun in the sun....

    Have a great day girly it is like 90 degrees here....

    Summer ;0)

  2. Great pictures. The second to last one is too precious. The smile on his face is priceless!

  3. such fun pictures! so sad about his ear ache! Carson is running a fever right now :-(. I dont know what it is but she has a history of fevers from her kidney reflux blah blah blah and so I am going to take her to doc thurs! We will go home tomorrow! The weather has been fabulous! My babes when they run a fever they are usually 104. When they have 102 I feel like that is low ; ). It freaks my neighbor out. I am going attempt posting easter pics again. You answered my question if there was a picture limit or something. It must def be the internet.