Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling better..

Finn's face is looking better! I am so happy it is getting better. It takes a huge weight off of me. Now I know it was the Amoxicillin for sure.

Now I am having some allergy problems, but if Finn is better I don't care if I feel bad or not! As long as he is ok, I am ok!

We are going to the Zoo on Friday and we are looking forward to that! It is supposed to be hot and sunny! Finn loves animals so I think he is going to have lots of fun!

We have an awesome Zoo about 30 minutes from us. I am excited to see the new Honey Bee Garden. They built this huge bee hive and it wasn't finished last year when we went. I really don't like bees but it looked really cool! If a bee flies at me I will be running away like a crazy person! Ha!

This was taken on our little Zoo trip last year! Finn and Harper we're only 3 months old!


  1. Yay I am glad he is getting better! pheww. that inspires me to go to the zoo. we have to drive an hour and a half but still it is so fun! we should go before it gets too hot! hope yall have a grand time!

  2. I'm glad Finn's feeling better! Have a great trip to the zoo!!!

  3. Yay that Finn is getting better! What cute pics from the zoo! It reminds me of when we took Kelcee last year to the Baltimore Zoo and they let us feed the Giraffe and he pulled out his big purple tongue and almost licked me goo!
    Double goo! And we also road a camel, I was like are ya sure that thing can hold me LOL....

    I know Finn will have a blast, that Bee Exhibit sounds cool, but I am with you girly if I see a bee I would be swatting at it and running in place screaming like a crazy person....yep I sure would LOL....

    Summer :0)

  4. I'm so glad he's doing better and that you know what caused it.

    Have a great time at the zoo!! I need to plan a trip to take Colson and LB soon before it gets too hot.