Monday, April 19, 2010

Big News!!

After 4 of these little test..........

Looks like we are having another baby!

I have been really tired the past few weeks and I wasn't having my normal before "that time" of the month symptoms. I decided to get a test Saturday, and took it Saturday evening. A plus sign came up but one line was very light. We thought it was just showing where the line was supposed to be! So I took 2 more, one Saturday night and one Sunday morning. They were still really really light. I took one this morning and 2 lines came up in 2 seconds and they were both dark. I guess I should stop wasting my money buying test. Ha!

We are still in shock right now, and need lots of prayers! We are a little nervous because Finn will not even be 2 yet when the new baby gets here. We are also very scared that this baby will come early like Finn. We don't know why Finn came early, but I think that's what worries us the most about this pregnancy.

Were we trying? Not really. I have been thinking about having another baby and we actually talked about it the other night, and we pretty much decided to wait about a year. God had different plans for us! A child is a gift from God so how can you not be thankful and excited! I know it's going to be tuff at first, but we will be just fine! I guess we will need another crib, double stroller, and a BIGGER car!! I know we have plenty of time to figure all this out.

I am NOT excited about giving up Dt Dr Pepper..sigh..or gaining weight.

I am about 4 weeks and my due date is December 23.

Please keep us in your prayers during the next 9 months!



  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting news!

  2. How exciting! congratulations! My youngest daughter was born december 21st!

  3. Thats great! Congrats!! Makenzie was 21 months when we had Bailey! Its a blessing!! Im happy for you guys!

  4. WooHoo!! I'm so excited for you guys!

    We were worried about the same thing with LB since Colson came at 31 weeks, and she made it to almost 36 so better, but still early. Ask your Dr. about doing fetal fibronectin tests once you get a little further along. We started doing them at about 28 weeks.

    Congrats again!!

  5. oh wow! congratulations!! im so happy for you!

  6. Congratulations! Each pregnancy is different, you never know, this baby could be late? I'll be praying for you guys and wish you the best!

  7. Eeeek I am so excited for ya'll! When i read the title of this post i screeched and kelcee is napping lol.....

    girl you crack me up taking that many pregnancy tests that is what i did when i found out i was pregnant with Kelcee!

    god does have a plan for us even if we don't know exactly what it is yet! Finn is going to be an awesome big brother and ya'll are already awesome parents! Looks like you may be joining the mini van/SUV mommy club sooner than ya thought lol...

    they have tests now they can run to see if you are at high risk for pre term delivery, so ask your obgyn about it so it will ease your mind!

    You know i will be keeping ya'll in my thoughts and prayers....

    Oh and i laughed out loud about your comment about the camo....funny stuff

    Summer :0)

  8. Congrats girlie!!! You sound like me...when I found out I wast pregnant w/ Evan I took 6 tests! Ha! Don't worry and stress yourself out. You'll do fine with everything & just think of how close your kiddos will be. Also Dr. Pepper makes a caffeine free and it taste just like the real thing! Just trying to help a fellow Dr. Pepper addict out!!! Ha!

  9. That is awesome girl!! Don't worry about all the little stuff, it will all work out and I LOVE having my little ones close together. You definitely have your moments, but overall it is WONDERFUL!! We will definitely be praying for everything to go smoothly!

  10. That is great news!!!! You will handle two close in age just fine. Mine are only 22 months apart, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am already dreaming of pregnancy pictures. I hope you will want to do them. :) Give me a call, there is a project that I want to do and you would be great for it.

    Melissa Sheets

  11. Congratulations!! Praying for a healthy baby and momma!!