Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potty Training

I think I am going to start working with Finn on using the potty! Since the new baby will be here in 8 months I wanted to get a head start. I have no clue how to even start. I did put out the potty I have and I will tell him to go sit on the potty. He will go sit on it but I know he has no clue what it is. Just something to climb on!

I think I am going to let him sit on it in the morning when he gets up and right before bath time, and just talk about the potty a lot. There is an Elmo Potty Time video that I want to get and let Finn watch it.

I think if I can have him at least somewhat potty trained by the time the new baby gets here it will help a bunch!

Are you wondering where the "waste" will go! Ha! I found this in my Mom's basement and I thought it would be cute to paint and use it for Finn. I need to find a container of some sort to put under it!

I think we have a LONG way to go! Ha!

Any suggestions or pointers would be great. I am thinking it is going to be hard with a boy! I will probably be cleaning ALOT! Ha!


  1. Girlie I laughed out loud when you mentioned the Elmo Potty Video because that is what we used with Kelcee and it was a staple in our house! As I time this I still have that song in my head LOL...."it's potty time", and when ya have to pee or ya have to poo OMG....I didn't know there was so many words for pee and poo LOL sorry TMI but this video is Ha-larious you will seriously crack up!

    I am soooo excited you have a little one on the way!!

    Summer :0)

  2. ha, good luck!!! i've heard this is hard, but he'll get it eventually. boys are DEFINATELY harder than girls. and is he stuck in the last pic? he looks a WEE bit frustrated :)

  3. Good Luck! I can say with mine boys are harder!! Andrew was around 3 and Makenzie was right at 2! But every child is differant and Finn could love it! I gave Makenzie a M&M everytime she pottied! So that made her want to try more since she knew she would get a reward!!

  4. I tried to potty train Darby before Carson arrived. She was 21 months. I just dove right in we were attempting to sit on the potty for 5 min every 15 min and that was going to be our entire day...yeah well that didn't work in any way shape or form. She was so upset. Carson came in may darby turned 2 in may and in July she was potty trained. I dropped it when it didn't work the first time and tried again in july and it just clicked and worked. She just wasn't ready the first time. She prolly hasn't had an accident since oct. She still sleeps in diapers at night but I'm not sure when she will be ready not to do that... I recommend doing it all the way and not doing diapers and undies back and forth...it is too confusing. I am also not a fan of pull-ups personally. I hope it goes well! keep us updated!

  5. What an adorable little potty! I potty trained Colson when he turned two and it took us about 2 weeks, but he was just ready. Never hurts to try though! :)