Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am now a Thirty-One Consultant! 

I am really excited about this! I went to another party last night and have been thinking lately about how some extra money would be nice. It just kind of hit me last night how I would really enjoy selling it! Everyone loves this stuff. The bags are great! I love there stationary too! I was a little worried about it, so I prayed last night about it and asked God to lead me in the right direction! I sometimes don't make the best decisions so I just had to pray and let God take it from there! I emailed a bunch of people today just to see what feedback I would get. I got my first positive feedback and that's all it took! Ha!

My Thirty-One website is:

This month is $1 Embroidery!! I know its last minute because this month is almost over but you still have 2 days people! This is a great deal!

Next Month(March) is the "Organizing Shoulder Bag" for 1/2 off when you spend $31. It would only be $19. They are really cute and good for Moms who need extra hands!

If you decide you want to order something you can go on my site. You can order yourself or email me and I can do it for you!

If you have boys the "hoot owl" print is so cute, and for girls there are a ton of prints that are cute. The thermal tote is the most popular. There are 2 different sizes and you can monogram it too!

Also the Large Utility Tote is so nice to have. My sister has one in the back of her car to put things in. When she has her Scentsy parties she carries all of her stuff in it. It folds down flat!
I'm going to use mine in my car to put groceries in!

For kids there is tons of stuff! The Fold-and-go organizer is really cool. You can put crayons, a notepad, little toys, video games, or just about anything.

I could go on and on about all the stuff I love! Oh the Cinch-Sac is great for the little kids going to school, the gym, or the pool! You can monogram it as well!

I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as me! If you live around me you should have a party to see all these things, and if not you can always have a catalog party!
(I mean who doesn't like free stuff!)


  1. Hey girl I just got your last comment! I have never heard of this until you mentioned it! I checked and I think they have super cute stuff!
    I love stationary....
    Summer :0)

  2. I am so excited that you decided to do it!!! They have the cutest stuff and you will make an awesome consultant!!!!

  3. awesome girl good luck. I would have a party butonly 3 people would show up!! lol

  4. If we order something, can it be shipped to other areas?

  5. Courtney-Yes you can tell me what you want and I can give them your address and It will ship directly to you! You will love there stuff!