Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mindi's 1st Scentsy Party

Last night Mindi had her first Scentsy Party at my cousin's house. We sipped on some apple cider and got headaches from smelling so many scents! HA! Not really, I already had a headache before the party, but that didn't help! I wish I had taken a picture of us on the way. Me, Mom, Mindi and Monica all piled in the car and headed to the party. We left all the kids with my brother-in-law, Chad.  Jared was supposed to be home right after we left to get Finn and he was like 2 hrs late! I think Chad was ready to pull his hair out!

 Monica and I were the assistants, until Monica got fired for spilling the wax! HA!

Monica, Mindi, Brandi, and Me

With Olivia (Brandi's little girl)

The COOL assistants!

I think the party was a success for Mindi's first one!

It was fun getting out of the house with the girls! I was so tired and I was wondering what I would come home to, a clean house?? YES! My hubby had Finn in bed, had cleaned up the house AND was in a good mood! (He has been a little on the cranky side this week)

Friday night I am going to 2 more parties, Thirty-One and Pampered Chef. I think I'm going to be partied out for awhile! Thirty-one has some cool stuff by the way. I am obsessed with owls right now and I ordered this cute little bag in the "hoot owl" print with Finn's name on it! I can't wait to get it!


  1. That scentsy party sounds like fun! Do you make candles?? I loooove candles....I'm with you though after ya smell like a million your head does start to after smelling every candle in Yankee Candle Shop....oh wait that's just me LOL... I looove Pampered Chef friend had one and it's alot of fun.... That bag sounds super cute....You will have to post pics...

    Oh I love your outfit and necklace by the way! I wish I looked that good after I had Kelcee....

    Have a Great Day
    Summer :0)

  2. Chad was only ready to pull his hair out because of my kids!! Finn is a little angel!! HA! Monica, you are not fired this time!! I'll give you another chance:)

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! I've never seen scentsy before. Have fun at your other parties...I've been to two 31 parties and they have such cute stuff. I've bought C a cinch sac pool bag for swim lessons and a big tote bag to carry to the pool this summer. I plan on having a party in March if you want to come to another one!!

  4. I love your blog, so thought I would follow. I am still learning !! I have never been to a scentsy party, but hear they are awesome ! I love the story about you and your sister, that is so crazy.....but cool !!! Check out my blog too :)

  5. As a husband of a scentsy representative I can say after months of having to sit at home late tonight while my wife is sponsoring parties I can't say that I am happy. Life would be better if they wore helD during the day.


    The UNspoken voice Of A Scentsy husband

    1. I meant to say that I am unhappy. Late Night Stuff Is So Not Cool WhenYou're Married.