Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Blog World..

  So I am trying out this whole blog thing. I am going to put up some pictures from this past year. Just so everyone can see a little part of whats been going on around here. Finn just turned one! He has been sick  for the past week with a cold and then it turned into an ear infection. He started on some meds yesterday and he is starting to feel better!

We are so ready for spring so we can get out of the house and do something. I know Finn is ready to get outside and play! We got him a radio flyer wagon for his birthday and I cant wait to take him out and pull him around!

My first Mothers Day!

Summer 2009

Fall 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Finn eating his cake!


  1. Finn is precious! Love the face dive into the cake...he's a little mini-me of your husband!

  2. Welcome to blogging! You'll love it:) Finn is precious!

  3. Welcome to the bloggy world! OMG Finn is just precious! I love that cute little grin digging into that cake! ADORABLE :0)

    I too had a 36 weeker do to Pre-Eclampsia! She didn't have to spend time in the NICU...but she had to wait on mommy, then we didn't know exactly what was happening (now I have been diagnosed with DM) so we are battling that with chemo meds!
    Your bog is just AWESOME....Super cute!!
    I am now a follower
    Looking forward to reading more
    Summer :0)

  4. Welcome to blogger!!! The pictures are precious!!!