Monday, February 15, 2010


Finn is definitley going through something these days. He is pitching fits, not wanting to eat, he cry's when I try to change his diaper, cry's when I change his clothes, he stands up and fusses during his bath (he has always loved his bath), he is getting into everything and when I tell him no he screams!  He embarrassed me at church the other day when I tried to change his diaper, in his class, he pitched a FIT.

It is really weird because he has always been this easy going, laid back, go with the flow little boy, and now he is changing! I don't really know what to do except to let him just cry it out. I don't want him to just cry all the time.  I am pretty stressed out right now. I guess he is just going through a change maybe, I hope it's normal and I'm not going to have a little devil on my hands!

Has anyone else been through this with a 13 month old? Is this normal?


  1. Hey girly! I think we have all been through all the different changes with a baby!! You know he may be teething or have an ear infection??

    I'm not one to give advise LOL....I'm a SAHM to one soooo I am new to all of this too....She is 3 so I have been through the teething and girl when Kelcee was teething she would cry alot and wouldn't sleep!! I called the peditrician and sure enough she was teething and they had me alternate tylenol and motrin but I would call your peditrician before ya did that!

    I hope that helps....
    Hang in there....Your a great mommy! This to will pass your not gonna have a little devil on your hands....oh but just wait until he is 3!! OMG....

    Summer :0)

  2. Thanks! You know I was just thinking that I beat he is getting a tooth. I need to look, he hate's me looking in his mouth so I don't look that much! He is such a sweet little boy I don't like it when he goes through these things! I know I better get used to it!

  3. I distinctly remember C having his "terrible twos" period before the age of 2 and he is such a laid back, sweet child too. Don't worry, he'll be over it soon... :)