Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer's LOVE Challenge Day 10!

Summer's LOVE Challenge today is to post about your Valentine's Decor!

I wanted to make alot of cute Valentine's things I saw on some decorating blogs, but I have not had time to get anywhere to buy the supplies I needed! So I just used the things I had! I have alot of pink and red decorations so I just used those with a few Valentine things!

I am wanting to change my decor in my house so bad! I guess being here all day everyday, makes me bored with the way things look now! I desperately want new couches but I think I should wait until the kids get alittle older! I don't let Finn eat in our living room, but he does sneak in there with stuff sometimes! Maybe when it warms up we can venture out to do some shopping! I just hate taking my kids out in the freezing cold unless it is necessary!

Go link up to Summer's Blog to show off your Valentine Decor!!


  1. I love all of your Valentine's Day decorations! I haven't even thought about putting anything up for Valentine's Day--my Christmas tree is still in the corner of my living room, in the box, waiting to be taken down to the storage unit! Maybe I'll be able to rally in time for Easter!

  2. I love your valentine's decor Shelli! Those flowers and that vase is gorgeous and I love those blocks!! You have such great taste!
    Thanks for playing along girl


  3. I love your decorations!! I'm not home all day and I have been wanting to change our decor in our house forever!! Our house is just too plain!! I want color but I am terrible at picking it out! I told you, I am going to hire you to come pick out paint colors and decorate for me HA!

  4. You seem to be very creative; beautiful decorations!