Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE Challenge Day 7!

Summer's LOVE Challenge Day 7!!

Today's challenge a silly picture of someone you LOVE!! Something really funny that cracks you up!!

Here are a few pictures that make me smile! I needed something to make me smile today, I have been sad this weekend.

This picture still cracks me up! Finn destroyed my room while I was in the shower, and then he stands there looking at this mess he made like yep I did this!! Ha!

I love this picture of Harper with her crazy hair!

I also have two prayer request for you guys:

1. Please pray for a little girl that is going through the same thing Finn went through. She was born at our local hospital a few days ago and had to be transported to Brenner's Children Hospital because her lungs aren't developed. Please keep her in your prayers and her parents. This has brought back memories for me and I have been down this weekend just thinking about how much pain they are in. Not to be able to hold your baby and take your new little baby home with you is such a horrible feeling.

2. One of Jared's co-workers and a good friend of our's died this past weekend. He died in his sleep Friday night. Please pray for his family, wife, friends, and everyone who knew him. He was so young and such a sweet person. This has been hard for everyone that works with Jared. He was loved by so many people. 


  1. Shelli,
    I will pray for that little girl and her family that is so sad and I hope that she comes through it ok and that she is back with her parents quick quick! I am also so sorry about ya'lls friend! That is so terrible! One of my biggest fears is to go to sleep and not wake up! I am so sorry for your loss and his families loss and I will keep ya'll in my prayers through this difficult time!

    OK so the pic of Finn looking at his mess is my absolute favorite EVER he is looking as if he is so proud of what he done hahahhaha

    Look at her crazy hair how cute love it...I have been down today to thanks for cheering me up


  2. Very cute pics! I remember my kids tossing all of the folded laundry out of the laundry basket. It got to the point that I didn't bother foldering the laundry while they were awake. :) Awesome memories.

    I will be praying for the family of the little girl and for perfect lungs...also for the family and friends of this young man who passed away. So very sad.