Thursday, February 3, 2011

24 months!

Finn turned 2 on January 23rd! We had him and Harper a party at a little gym called Tumble Tots! The kids had SOO much fun (and I think the parents did too)! I wanted to post a few pictures from there special day!!

Finn and Harper blowing out there candles!!

My Mom (Mimi) and Harper playing!

I love this cute little name plaque that Finn got from his cousin Olivia!

Finn is such a mess these days! He can be so sweet and so ugly all together! He has gotten where he doesn't want to listen and he knows he is not listening! When we tell him no, he does it anyway and gives us this cute little smile while doing it! I took him to his 2 yr checkup on Monday and he cried the WHOLE time! His Dr just laughed and said that was totally normal! Finn weighed 28 lbs and was 37 inches tall!

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