Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Cleaner Everyone Needs!!

This is by far the best cleaner I have had! I bought it to use on Wells' clothes because when she gets poop on her clothes it is so hard to get out!! Sorry I'm sure you wanted to here that! Ha!  Well, yesterday Finn got into my mascara and decided to smear it all over the side of my bed, the carpet, and on my night stand!! I tried to get it off the carpet and I it made 2 huge black smears on the floor! I sprayed this on and wiped one time and it came up. I couldn't believe how great this stuff worked! I highly recommend this cleaner for everyone to have, not only for clothes but for carpet and other things too! I have some spots on the floor in my car I am going to try to use this on today! I love when I find new cleaners that work really good, I try to find spots to clean just to see if it works! Ha!

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