Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello terrible 2's!!

We definitely have entered the terrible 2's with Finn! It's probably is a mix of terrible 2's and a huge change in his life, Wells! I have been praying for patience all day!! Everytime I turn around he is doing something that he knows he shouldn't be, and trying to drive his Mommy nuts!!

I feel like I have been yelling at him all day! He has been in every drawer in our house today! He has rubbed Vick's vapor rub all over his face, and I'm pretty sure he ate some. He took the electrical plug cover out and stuck his key in the socket. Thank the lord I turned around before he stuck it in to far. He has been messing with Wells all day long! In the pantry pulling stuff out and getting spoons out of the drawer. The list goes on!!

We went to look at our pictures we had taken of Wells yesterday and he acted so ugly in there. He cried because he wanted her keys and pens. This is the second time he has acted ugly while we were there. He also acted like this when we were trying to get our family pictures made! I was so embarrassed yesterday when we left there.

I guess I should just get used to the fact that I have a 2 year old and they are GOING to do these things! I may need some nerve pills!! Ha!

He has changed his schedule on me to. He used to sleep until 8 and now he gets up at 6:15 and he naps for only 2 hours instead of 3. That means even less sleep for Mommy and that makes for a not so happy Mommy!!

On a brighter note, he did make Wells smile today. She was laying on the couch and he was talking to her and she smiled at him!! I know when she gets older they are going to love each other to death! Finn is already obsessed with her and kisses her hands and feet all the time!

I am just looking at these cute pictures of him and I think I need to go hug him! He is just so darn cute!!


  1. Shelli,
    This post made me laugh, for every thing he did you posted the cutest pic and then your like he's lucky he's so stinkin' cute LOL....that's so funny! We had to get the big block covers for our outlets and Kelcee couldn't figure them out we tricked her hahahaha....Finn is a doll and I love his outfit with vest and tie how presh.....

    Vicks Vapor Rub reminds me of Greg's twin sister when she was 6 years old she would put it on her eyelids to sleep....she's strange hahahah

    OK so I bet the pics are just presh....if you can post some i would love to see....no worries all kiddos act up while waiting for, or taking pictures....especially ages 2 to 4 at Christmas for family christmas pictures Kelcee was into everything geezy peezy....

    Kelcee bipassed the terrible twos but girl she made up for it in the three's and now two months into the fours....LOL

    How cute he made Well's smile


  2. He is adorable! And I LOVE those Uggs!!! I pray for patience a lot!!