Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

On snow days we like to put Minnie Mouse stickers on our forehead...

We don't fix our hair and destroy the house!

We don't make up our bed, read books on our bed, and sneak our juice in our bedroom!

We hang out in our bouncy seat on the table so our brother won't bother us..

and we take pictures in front of the door (showing the snow), because we haven't been out in the snow to take pictures!!

We give the Ba-bee kisses and say Ba-bee over and over and over....

and Mommy doesn't fix her hair either! Ha!

It's been nice to have Jared home the past 2 days!  He has helped me so much around the house and I got to take long naps both days! Finn has loved having him home to. He is going to be sad when he wakes up tomorrow and Daddy is not here!


  1. You look so pretty girl! Wells is so presh! I love the pics of Finn! He looks like he is having fun being "Dennis the Menace" LOL....love the pic in the bedroom sneaking his juice ha ha....

    Thats so funny you had to put Wells on the table to keep her from Finn....whoooo I betcha you are one tired momma

    glad to hear from you


  2. Don't ya just love snow days! We've loved being snowed/iced in. :) Looks like Finn is being a great big brother to Wells!