Saturday, July 31, 2010

New things!

I have still been trying to get things for Finn's room ready so me, Mom, and Finn went to the Furniture Land South Outlet store yesterday to look at furniture. I didn't find any furniture that I liked and could afford but, they have this little Cottage area that has rustic and old looking furniture and accessories that I LOVE!! I bought a blue tray that I was going to put on Finn's dresser but I found another place for it, so I am sending Mom back to get another one!

That table I found at a store in High Point (HP is known for furniture) that was going out of Business. I just re-upholstered the seats and it turned out so cute! I love finding things that are not so cute and making them look good.

I have also been looking for a lamp for my living room and finally found just the right one! By the way, the yellow table my Mom got me at a yard sale for 2 dollars I think. Now I am in a re-decorating mood and I am changing things around! If I could just get new couches and get rid of the yucky leather ones I would be so happy! They are really comfy but so ugly!!

Monday I go for my ultrasound and I am excited and nervous all together. Just please say a prayer for us! I am going to have a gender party Monday night, if I can hold out all day and not tell anyone!!


  1. Cottage style is my did a great job on the chairs!

    I'll say a prayer for you on Monday. I can't wait to find out what it is!!

  2. Yay, can't wait to know what you're having! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well! We've been to High Point, there's so much furniture you could spend days just browsing!! Everything looks nice that you've done. I really like the lamp!

  3. Girlie you know you are always in my prayers pretty girl :0) I can't wait to here what you are having....a gender party sounds so fun.....eeeeek you will have to post pics....

    I love that tray it looks so perfect on that table...I love the fabric you picked to cover the chairs super cute....I did that with our dining room chairs and loved how they turned is fun to take something and make it your do a great job of it!! That lamp is super cute

    Can't wait to see what you pic for Finn's big boy room

    Thanks so much for your sweet notes on my blog....

    Summer :)